DJ Mighty Mi: Golden Rap vs. Twerk & Trap

If me and Dj Knife had to embark on a road trip, we’d need to agree on some chunes.

Instead of switching back and forth playing Tony Touch mixtapes vs. (I won’t even pretend to have the slightest idea), we would agree  to meet in the middle, thanks to DJ Mighty Mi.

He just released “Golden Rap vs. Twerk & Trap” a mix that combines broke old bitter black men with your favorite new trippy producer from Tallahassee.

Democracy is a wonderful thing.
Check the mix and trap track list after the jump.

Golden Rap vs. Twerk & Trap Tracklist:
1. Ratchet Power (Mighty Mi Edit) – Chill Rob G vs. Brillz
2. RIP Fudge Pudge (Mighty Mi Edit) – Organized Konfusion vs. Enferno
3. Let’s Git Down (Mighty Mi Edit) – Toni Toni Tone vs. Shooter McNappin
4. Party & Slide (Mighty Mi Edit) – Biggie vs. Buzz Trillington
5. The Candyland Rhythm (Mighty Mi Edit) – Kwame vs. Candyland
6. The Most Dangerous – NWA vs. Mighty Mi & Slugworth
7. Diamond Klout – Jeru the Damaja vs. Flaxo
8. Clique (Mighty’s Trap & Twerk Mix) – Kanye West & Jay-Z
9. Follow The Gold Top (Mighty Mi Edit) – Eric B & Rakim vs. Gold Top
10. Nas Is Like Buble Rap – Nas vs. Baaur
11. Get em High For This – Chip Ivory
12. Breath Control II – Boogie Down Productions
13. Can You Work With That (B Cause’s Hydroponioc Fixx) – Dj Quick feat AMG vs. B Cause
14. A Day In The Life – Diamond D feat Brand Nubian
15. Get Free (Cousin Cole Mix) – Major Lazer
16. Gotta Get Over (Large Pro Remix) – Gang Starr
17. Nuttin’ But A G Thang (Freestyle Mix) – Dr. Dre
18. D & D All Stars (Mighty’s 1997 Bootleg) – D & D All Stars

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