Abercrombie Meme = Free Advertising For Amazing Marketing

Ok – you are fat.
You are ugly.
You are not welcome at Abercrombie and Fitch.

Well at least according to the following meme – which admittedly kinda twists dude’s words… but..

The CEO was recently quoted as saying the following:

I think this is downright genius. Let’s look at the tactic:

Step 1) Call out fat people for being fat and ugly and not worthy of wearing Abercrombie + Fitch clothing.
Step 2) Get them to make your quote a viral sensation.
Step 3) ????
Step 4) Profit

I mean seriously – fat and ugly people are now boycotting Abercrombie in droves, which doesn’t really concern the CEO, he wants them gone anyway. The consumers that still wear Abercrombie + Fitch (You FGTs know who you are), think they are part of a special / elite good looking popular club now and will be more loyal than ever. Sheeeeeet, some people who are ugly and THINK they are hot don’t want to be lumped in with the unpopular kids and are probably more likely to start wearing Abercrombie like a badge of honor, like “Oh hey Chad – check out my hot new slim fit Abercrombie V Neck sweater. Look how snug it fits me. I guess I’m not so ugly after all? Right Chad? Right? Wanna finger me in the stairs to the retard wing after gym class?”.

This brings me to another point. If you’re ugly – ok I get it, you were born that way. Shit, I am no prize, I accept it.

If you’re fat – fucking hit the gym and eat right. Being fat is not a disease. It’s the same as addiction. You need to want to change. You need to want to work towards a goal. Getting slim. Getting sober. It’s all the same shit.

Stop being fat America. It’s not that hard, eat right and get off your ass. Simple. If you want to wear Abercrombie so bad, (first of all kill yourself), lose weight. Boom. You’ve got yourself a brand new $90 pair of distressed, pre faded/washed/ ripped/ stained jeans.


2 Responses to “Abercrombie Meme = Free Advertising For Amazing Marketing”

  1. Jah Says:

    Between that other guy having a bitch-fit about moving away and his friends banging his ex, and this abercrombie and fitch post, this is the best hip-hop blog on the internet.

  2. Bee Says:

    wow can you say shallow i mean seriously are you inhuman or somthing. popular chicks with big boobs cant even shop there ex: my boobs are too big for those shirts i’m not fat i’m top heavy i have a huge bust and i got way too many asshole people from simply my body getting attention. The things he said were low and disgusting but also idiotic because not every girl that needs an xl shirt is fat some have big boobs just like girls with big butts have issues with some pants that are too small or smaller in one area then another. body shape can affect clothes fitting not just body weight. also you don’t seem to understand not every skinny popular kid that shops there has enough self esteem they may think they are also fat or ugly and then feel bad and feel like they are not welcome in the store even if they are beautiful and skinny no young girl ever feels satisfied entirely with the body they have. i have seen skinny girls starve over their self image and they were beautiful and i envied them yet they envied me for my body which i dont like. i dont like my big boobs or my face but i get told i’m beautiful everyday by people. that is how most people feel like they are not good enough. so when a ceo says oh i dont ugly people even thier most beautiful skinniest customer could feel like they arnt wanted. i know a girl who read the quote shes skinny she wont go there because she thinks shes too fat she weighs 101 pounds shes not fat or ugly and people like you are the reason girls like her cant live normal lives. not everyone in america is fat and not everyone who is skinny sees themselves good enough. maybe you should walk in the shoes of an anorexic person battle every look in the mirror and every bite of food and still feel sick when you cant see all your bones then we will see if you feel good about yourself or if you feel good enough for the opinions of others. because one of those girls in one of those abercrombie shirts may seem like her beautiful skinny life is great but she may really be battling herself every day. clothes define nothing about a person.

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