This Week in Boston Hip Hop

I’ll come up with a cleverer title after some more coffee.

For now, it’s this week in Boston hip hop…

Perhaps in your blind love for JTTS you’ve overlooked some other fine Boston-based music blogs floating around on the Interweb, such as, which stands for Hard In the Paint. When you open your laptop with your cup of coffee and morning blunt thinking to yourself “What is going on with hip-hop muzik?,” it’s really nice to have the option of either going hard in the paint or jumping the turnstyle (and if you’re reading this now, we win). And when we see our fellow bloggers doing something of significance, we take a break from our photoshopping and Craig’s List trolling to acknowledge it.

Thus, we have #OneBoston, the hashtag HITP-sponsored compilation album featuring instrumentals from 11 local producers.

With #OneBoston, I wanted to provide a centralized place for some of the area’s producers; ones that I’ve gotten familiar with over the years covering the scene as well as new faces that reached out and wanted to be part of this project. In no way is this a list or collection of the so called BEST producers in the city . Instead, it’s just a small representation of what the Bean is working with in the production game.  By putting these 11 producers  (Latrell JamesKae TeaKnox Bass, Mr. FritzJHowellHiFadilityZCBeatzMikey Likes ItEastly, Goodwin, and KStow) on one project together, it not only brings light to their talent but also continues to aid in the city’s unity movement that is only getting stronger every day.

Well said and certainly worthwhile, even though I fear by choosing that title the album may be lost in a sea of Tweets from people excited about their new Adidas shirt (I know I was). I would have gone for something that just rolls off the tongue, like #11for13. You can change it in iTunes later…get it here.


Fameless Fam Slap You With a Sticker, New Album

Our readers love us for our honesty, and I have no problem stating for the record I haven’t always been on the Fameless Fam bandwagon. Maybe it was just Chris Faraone’s insistence on championing them that left me naturally a bit skeptical: this, after all, was also the same man who once declared Jurassic 5’s Feedback as “album of the year” in 2005 (it came out July) in a review that has achieved rare and mythical status, mostly by virtue of us bringing it up constantly. If you can find it somewhere, print it and mail to us and we’ll give you Faraone’s still-active password for the blog.

But I have no reservations about changing my mind (that’s different from being ‘wrong,’ as I’ve told many ex-girlfriends) just as vocally: this track plucked fresh out of the Inbox is dope. After hearing this, I’m going to check out their newest free release Eat Fly II. If the rest is anything along these lines, I’ll be spending the weekend writing a 10,000 word self-criticism, Chinese prison camp style. Should be a great Monday p0ast.


Reks Writes a Letter 

We were so close. After years of unrepentant and lazy abuse, the “letter to hip hop” metaphor was almost dead and buried. “I Used to Love H.E.R.” was about 17 years ago, and I really though Jimmy definitively put things to rest with “Letter to the Game.” But that was before rapper/sports agent Jay-Z saw the rotting corpse of this horse and just had to get a couple swings in. OK, so “Open Letter” is not a bad song, it’s actually pretty good. But with those two words he undid years of work, and we can only assume your favorite rapper is at the stationary store right now picking out a nice new pen and pad to write their new song that starts with “Dear hip hop.”

Thankfully, Reks‘s version doesn’t start that way…bitch. OK, so starting AFTER this song, no more.


New Track from Famous Nobodies

The Famous Nobodies (Dutch Rebelle, DJ Real P & Brook) drop the newest single from their upcoming mixtape Nobodies Nation. And I need some more coffee.



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  1. Jorge Says:

    fameless fam is dope as fuck. psyched to see the p0ast.

  2. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Can’t believe I just spent 7 minutes reading about Boston hip hop.

  3. Says:

    Thanks big time for the post on the #OneBoston beat tape, appreciate it!

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