Will C’s Newest Project: John Wayne’s Seat Belt

When it comes to putting out weird, trippy, musical shit I actually listen to… Will C may be the fucking champion.

His new project, John Wayne’s Seat Belt just dropped on March 19th. (Peep the bandcamp here)

Knowing Will C, I am sure the name “John Wayne’s Seat Belt” has some deep cultural meaning and story behind it that like 3 people know. That’s what make’s Will’s music so endearing though… he is on that shit.

I’m going to give Will C some solid gold reviews for his bandcamp right now. Will feel free to use these in your press kits:

“It’s not your typical rap shit. Drums bang, and the vocals make me wish I was on bath salts.”

“This is the soundtrack to an angel dust overdose.”

“I feel like catholic priests from the 1960s took the form of an MPC and are discreetly molesting my ear drums while the community turns a blind eye to these indiscretions”.

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