How The World Will Be Changed Forever: 3-D Printers

My mind has officially been blown.

I just had a moment of clarity that put our time and place in the universe in perspective.

Sure, my mind was also blown when at 10 years old, I learned of a box I could place food in that would heat up my food through molecular polarization. Microwaves were cray.

Equally mind blowing was when my rich Joo uncle picked me up in his Benz that had a telephone in it. Shit wasn’t plugged into the wall! For only $12 a call, he could speak to anyone in a 2 mile radius. Craaaaaaay.

Cable television, the internet, Serato, cars that park themselves…I’ve witnessed the world dramatically change since I first came through in 1975.

When I was 5, electric typewriters were an incredible luxury.

My son at 5 instinctively logs on to Youtube, studies a walk through video of an X-Box 360 game, and proceeds to wiz through level after level as he competes against a 24 year old in Beijing all in real time. Fuck I’m old.

However, today, I have seen the future. I have seen something that puts my naïve perception of “technology” to shame. I now realize we, in 2013, may as well be rubbing rocks together, and carpooling with our buddy Barney to the ole rock quarry for a day of work. Mark my words. This invention will change the course of history, and I fear, for the worse.

The 3-D printer. Been around for about 3 years. Here’s the short of it. Scan the picture of an object. Atoms and molecules collide, and voila…you are now physically holding that object.

Need a hammer? Cool. Scan it, and you will have a fully operational hammer. No trip to Home Depot, no leaving the house, no money spent.

Here’s where shit is dangerous. Want to make a gun? No background check, no serial numbers, no registration. Shit, make 100 guns.

Additionally, shit is extra ill because the object you “print” out has moveable, operational working parts. An adjustable wrench, car parts, furniture…all you need is a picture of it.

This is where we’re at. A technological crossroads where the internet is old hat, and the new game in town is manipulating atoms to create products.

Go head and try to wrap your brain around this:

3D Guns


3D Bike



 If you have any money to invest, this is it.  Get in any way you can. This is the ground floor of a manufacturing revolution.

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  1. Trees Says:

    Yes, remember when the music industry was collapsing and UGHH started slanging clothing? Our mantra was “can’t download a t-shirt.” Well in probably less than ten years, you will be able to. I bet someone is working on that shit right now.

    Technology is moving at a staggering pace.

    Do me a favor, watch the documentary called “The Singularity”. It’s about the day computer intelligence becomes more powerful than human intellgence. Almost on some skynet shit. It’s real and it is terrifying, especially since so much of what we do is digital now.

  2. mr.murph Says:

    u can print as many guns as u want. if u cant by ammo ur screwed. the DHS knows this. they bought 1.4 billion rounds before sandy hook. i been looking for 9mm rounds for 2 months in RI. cant find them anywhere.

  3. Looney Says:

    Mr. Murph 9mm rounds you’ll have better luck finding in small private stores in suburbs, I just bought 9mm rounds 2 weeks ago. They do run out as soon as they get them though, But some owners have been nice enough to start waitlists so they can call you as soon as they get them .(not sure if thats even legal but wgaf!)

    ON these printers have been around for a while. They are used to print architectural, engineering and design models. They use to cost in the ups of $20,000 but as they became more popular in these crazy areas you can buy a smaller home version for like $5000. A very cheap version is available to you for $1000. Yes it is amazing that you can even make any type of gun Shell with these machines. The only down side to this is the product that comes out of them is only as good as the drafter giving the machine specs for the model though. Aside from the other dangers that come with it. Just think that we are one step closer from STAR TREKS ask for it and it should appear food machine. We already have their famous holograms in airports.

  4. Looney Says:

    Trees the Documentary you are speaking of is astounding and crazy.

  5. Looney Says:

    Also check Nano technology, bullet proof material being invented by MIT, uses magnetic powder to capture a bullet in flight.

  6. Looney Says:

  7. tommee Says:

    Not to burst your bubble – but 3D printers are not that cool… They’ve been around for a while now. We have one in our office – basically it can be used to make anything out of plastic as long as you feed it a drawing. Cool, right? Well – it takes basically overnight to make anything – and then what you get is a cheap feeling layered plastic model.

    Not to say you couldn’t totally floss something out with a 3D printer – but it really pales in comparison to other manufacturing methods. It’s great for conceptualizing something when you’re designing it – but it’s going take a while before it gets to Jetson status.

    Oh – and Trees – computers are already much smarter than you. Changing the spelling of “post” to “poast” doesn’t confuse your overlords, so give that sh*t up. You used to hold a marginal advantage against a typical desktop, but crossing the Mason-Dixon line set your IQ back 30%. Move back to Mass if you’re scared.

  8. astrosspace Says:

    I’ve been meaning to read the book the Singularity is Near, got a few books before I get to it though. Can you post a link to the specific documentary you were talking about Trees?

  9. astrosspace Says:

    I found this one but I’m not sure if this was the one you were talking about

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