He’s down with French Montana. He’s done shows with Diddy and Wacka Flocka. His videos have over 500,000 views. His nickname comes from shitting himself a lot as a baby. He’s from Brockton.

Meet Lil Poopy, a 4th grader with more swag than Trees riding his Rubicon with his stripper girlfriend to an R. Kelly show.

According to his dad and school principal, he’s a great kid who gets good grades.

According to any adult with common sense watching a 9 year old rap about coke, guns, bitches, and money, he is a supreme douchebag in the making.

Regardless, this Brockton kid has an undeniable buzz. I ask myself…who would I be more comfortable existing in this world…Sammy Adams or Lil Poopy.

It’s a no brainer. Sammy Adams all day.

To be subjected to listening to a 4th grader explain how he gets pussy and coke money all day is laughable and pathetic. I don’t blame the kid, I blame his parents.

There’s nothing wrong with getting your son into showbiz…but there is something wrong with propping him up as some foul mouthed coke kingpin in sunglasses and chains.

As I write this, I’m sure he’s on a G4 to Rick Ross’s house sippin on Moet and throwing money out the plane as my old broke ass complains about him. Good luck, Poopy. You’ll need it.

Here is an article on Poopy from the Boston Herald:

Boston’s newest hip-hop phenom raps about groupies and Gucci, machine guns, dead presidents and cocaine cowboys. In his videos, he rides in a Ferrari and slaps female fans’ butts. He’s a member of French Montana’s Coke Boyz posse and he’s been onstage with Diddy.

All pretty standard for an up-and-coming rapper, but Lil Poopy is only 9 years old!

“It’s controversial,” admits producer Brian Slay, who believes the Brockton fourth-grader has what it takes to make it to the top of the hip-hop heap.

“Honestly, the kid, he’s got everything: the looks, the swagger, the lyrics, the delivery,” he said. “I see him going really, really, really far in the music industry.”

And Poopy’s pop, Luie Rivera, pointed out that his son’s lyrics are “nothing that any kid can’t hear on the radio.”

“If you listen to his whole tape,” he said, “he doesn’t swear once.”

But when Poopy’s onstage with French Montana, he raps along to his mentor’s X-rated rhymes, brags about being a “cocaine cowboy” and uses some language that might get another 9-year-old’s mouth washed out with soap!

Lil Poopy’s first single “Pop That (Remix)” tackles the controversy head on. The lyrics: “Coke ain’t a bad word, Coca-Cola. Coke ain’t a bad word. It’s only soda.”

“What it means is, we’re not talking about dope … I know people think of it like that, but it’s just a label. A branding thing,” Slay said.

And it’s creating quite a buzz. Lil Poopy’s mix tape has more than 10,000 downloads, and his YouTube videos have more than 200,000 views. He is featured prominently in a video for French Montana’s “Shot Caller” with Diddy and Rick Ross, and he’s performed with other hip-hop honchos including Waka Flocka Flame, Meek Mill and Wale.

Still, Poopy’s dad insists he’s just a regular kid.

“He goes to school every day. He knows, ‘No school, no rappin’” he said. “His teachers love him; he’s a really smart kid. He still plays basketball and baseball. He was one of the best hitters on his team.”

A spokeswoman for the Brockton schools said Poopy’s principal told her the young rapper “is a really great kid.”

“He’s a good student and a really nice boy,” Jocelyn Meek told the Track. “And they treat him just like any other fourth-grader.”

As for that name, Rivera said his son, whose real name is Luie Rivera Jr., became Lil Poopy when he was a baby.

“He used to poop all over the place,” he laughed. “He’d poop, and while I was changing his diaper, he’d poop again.”

While he may not love the name when he’s 16, Poopy is fine with it now. He tells us he loves being onstage, and although remembering his rhymes is “pretty hard, after I practice it three times I remember.”

Meeting Diddy, he said, was “amazing,” although he can’t recall too many of the particulars because “it was a long time ago.” (He was 8.)

Lil Poopy said he hopes to keep rapping until he is Big Poopy. At which point, we hope, he takes a page from Diddy’s playbook and comes up with a new name.



  1. Looney Says:

    Lol bet a hundred…
    I know both his parents. Wtf

  2. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Pops name is Luie Rivera…although that probably doesn’t narrow it down too much in Brockton.

  3. Rezo Says:

    Whatever happened to lil jinsu?

  4. Looney Says:

    HOly shit.

  5. Looney Says:

    I know his father, and his uncle.

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