I saw this ad on TV and nearly fell off the couch.

Black cop informs all of Massachusetts that wearing your pants “Hip Hop style” can land you in prison for 3 years. “It’s the law”

Now don’t get it twisted, as an old as fuck father, I despise morons who walk around with they drawers on Front Street… but this shit right here ??

The Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts…whatever the fuck that is… thinks it’s a good idea to jail Boston black men for wearing pants “Hip Hop style.” ¬†Whose the president of this organization, Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Django?

Funny how weed gets decriminalized, and saggy pants become public enemy number one. The idea that I could do more time for rockin saggy pants than assaulting your grandmother is miraculous.

Fuck Deval Patrick, The BPD, and Mumbles Menino for letting this shit live on state-wide tv.

There is an annual “No Pants Day” on The T where hordes of riders ride the MBTA in their underwear. The papers and the news cover it, and everyone has a good laugh. Hear me. DOZENS of people in nothin but underwear riding the public transit system. Just went down 2 weeks ago in fact. Any of them doing 3 years in a state prison?

This is a blue law that Uncle Tom ass niggas spent thousands of dollars to promote on the air. Disgusting.



  1. mr.murph Says:

    as liberal a state as mass is one thing they will not comprimise on is locking muthafukas up. i call it the communistwealth. they shackle you like its the 1800’s. where you gonna run when your surrounded by 20ft barbwire fence?

  2. DOZ Says:

    If a dude gets locked for having a burner he does a year. If it turns out that that burner was in some sagging jeans same dude gets four years. Aint that like, racist or something?

  3. Looney Says:

    I wonder if this so called law also covers white dudes, white girls, butch lesbos, or crazy gangsta chicks with baggy jeans or is it just reserved for male minorities? And what cities is this being enforced in? SMH

  4. Este Says:

    This ad is a bunch of horse shit. They pulled an old law out of context and tried to apply it to sagging. No one is getting arrested for this. Anybody know if this guy is a real cop?

  5. tracy Says:

    I support this….tired of seeing ass hangin out everywhere i go.
    Glad they legalized weed too.

  6. lamar latrell Says:

    as a super pale yt girl, next time i see a cop ima sagg my pants and see what happens… i bet nothing…
    this “law” is patently racist and seems unconstitutional as for freedom of speech… when folks sag their pants they are saying “i’m a jackass with the fashion sense of a cornball tween. i will never pull hot successful educated trim cuz im in suspended adolescence and live in my mom’s basement. my career aspiration is to be the asst manager at lidz” …
    its america – if you wanna sag your pants go for it. i cant believe they even took the time and taxpayers money for this drivel.

  7. jerome "romy" monroe Says:

    hoooooold on right there…. there is a black mental health alliance? um… what? the fact that this exists in itself is racist… what they sayin… do black folk have more mental health issues than yellow white or red people? wtf? ooookay lets see what the yellow mental health alliances has to say about this… garbage.

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