Me and fellow absentee blogger JKJV$#@ we’re involved in the recent Riff Raff show here in Boston. What I came away with was the further realization that DJing is going the way of the Dinosaur. #LatePass. I guess “DJing” at a hip hop show means someone handing you a USB drive, blank CD or Samsung Galaxy minutes before they perform. This was the case for all openers and JodyHighRoller, who I literally had under 5 minutes to put a set together with while he swam in young nubile vajay. It’s weird watching a youtube video take place b4 your eyes

Went to Puerto Rico this week. Extreme poverty for the most part but still, rich to poor, people seemed happier then those living in Boston. Knocked a few things off the bucket list:

Also Saw lotsa prostitutes, wild cats & dogs, roosters, chamelions and excessive/ unnecessary advertising to the point that banners advertising phone cards or grocery coupons are hung inside the rainforest.

And now  it’s 5 degrees in Boston.

The End.

3 Responses to “Blogging”

  1. sleezytrees Says:

    we are grown men, doing grown men things.

  2. LOONEY Says:

    Some of those banners advertise upscale prostitutes!! lol
    For a real vacation there you must travel with a local and stray off the tourist trail. So many great things to see (good, bad and funny) that so many tourists don’t even get to hear about.

  3. JKLXVNIN Says:

    … is someone gonna teach knife how to change the size of pictures?

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