Letia has always been one of my Beantown faves. This was shot in her hometown of Chelsea, and produced by the homey Pat G.

Check out Letia 1/14 @ Good Life rockin along with Edo, Akro, Ripshop, and yours truly on the zigga.

4 Responses to “LETIA LAROK – BOTTOM UP (VIDEO)”

  1. el caballero Says:

    What did you think of Django Unchained tho?

  2. tracy Says:

    ^^ Django Unchained.
    Desensitizing a very crucial part of “Black”/American history.
    Hope they never make a movie about the Holocaust that includes comedy.
    Nothing funny about that.

  3. DJ ON&ON Says:

    There have been several comedies about the Holocaust that showed in movie theaters. Here are a few. Have a nice day.

    Life Is Beautiful
    Jacob The Liar
    Springtime For Hitler

  4. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Oh yeah, the same guy that made Django made a comedy involving the Holocaust called Inglorious Bastards.

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