After JTTS survived Blog AIDS, Trees, a newly North Click transplant, started poppin some real blawg swag type shit.

“I got nothin but free time, I’ma go hard for this JTTS lyfe.” “Expect a poast from me every other day…Boston Music Awards is MIIIIINE ninjas!”

Womp womp womp. Sleazy aint poast shit since that Newtown shit happened…and by the way…that CT shit is suspect.

Yadda yadda, I spent New Years chillin with JTTS Comment Section All-Star, Looney…the chick who “won” the tickets to the Boston Music Awards, only to turn around and say “Fuck the Boston Music Awards….I just wanted to show I could win them shits, you nerd ass rap bloggaz.”

Looney met me on my block fresh off the 32 bus NYE at 7pm, and I was sure I would smash. Quite the contrary, this Puerto-Roc chick was anything but a groupie. She writes poetry, goes to school, has semi-automatic weapons in her closet, and grew up in gang lyfe Brockton. I tried to entertain her with a game of Hip Hop Trivia, and she said “I like Hip Hop, but ain’t on it like that…I’m just tryin to smoke, drink, and chill.”

Awkward when you believe someone is your Stan and realize they are a real person. So she put me on to this shit: That CT shit is a charade.


Hillary Clinton is hospitalized with a blood clot amidst criticism about Libya, and this shit breaks out?

But back to Trees. Faker than this CT Columbine shit are your words of JTTS once again rising like the Phoenix of Hip Hop information, and nothing getting in your way of delivering that authentic hip hop message to the people by the people.

Last 5 poasts is mine, sun. Marty interjected with a soft ass video of Rain and Moe on the Orange Line. This what I paid my 80 duckets for? You’re less authentic than Trinidad James at a Rosenberg interview. Say something. Poast something. What your life like? Anything. This blawg is yours. Act like it.

You too Marty…Faraone…Knife….all of you need to say one thing one time a week…can you do that? I can.

At least JK took the effort to poast some ultra gay shit featuring a cornball in dreads and green eyes talmbout “My Cabana”…he’s young, and todays young is soft…I aint mad at him. A for effort.

Anyways, while these fools are still on blog vacation on some Jesus Holiday Mason type shit, I’ll go head and conduct my blogging duties the best way I know how to upset my editor in chief who sends me angry emails about poasting anything Worldstar-like.

5 words…Joe Budden…Prodigy…Old Beef. If you don’t like it, poast something else. Anything.


7 Responses to “SHOTS FYARD”

  1. mr.murph Says:

    damn!! did u know about the whole thing with the fathers of adam lanza and the batman movie shooter and the libor connection? shit is crazy. i think its a psyop to disarm us. thats crazy with dude laughing like that.

  2. DJ ON&ON Says:

    The Libor connection is so real…it’s considered the biggest financial scandal in history. After the shootings the two fathers don’t have to testify.
    The whole CT thing is fishy, especially the stream of misinformation.
    I’m not a gun advocate, but to call it like I see it, there seems to be a trumped up agenda concerning automatic weapons here…dudes Bushmaster wasn’t even on him in the school, as reported… it was outside in the car.
    Then Hilary quietly acquires a blood clot and she’s out for a couple weeks? Cmon son.

  3. tommee Says:

    I love this poast… Title alone deserves a bloggar of the yeeer award for you, dunny.

  4. sleezytrees Says:

    I will be blogging hard once I get to a fucking place with a decent internet connection. I have been living out of a backpack since December 21st.. which was coincidentally the last day I posted and the last day I was home.


  5. sleezytrees Says:

    I will also be reformatting all your shitty world star video embeds, centered texts, and non centered / wrong sized formatted photos… trust me.. I can’t even look at this site when you post shit sometimes because it’s so sloppy.

  6. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Therrrres my guy.

  7. el caballero Says:

    JTTS = ON&ON’s Live Journal

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