2012 RAP-UP

2012 RAP-UP

So we managed to keep this thing called Earth afloat another year after Yt Jesus’ death.

Boy, them Mayan’s are full of shit, huh?

2012 was quite the year.

Linsanity, Whitney, Kimye, mass murders, an election, Bleu Ivy, Stevie J, Frank Ocean, Olympics, Pac’s hologram, Chick Fil-A, Sandy, Mollys, JTTS Blog AIDS, and Krispy Kreme.

With the advent of Mass. Medical Marijuana, I will make millions off developing a new strain of weed this year. It shall be named “Fiscal Piff.”

It was a wholesome year. And this was the period that a whole lot people started getting health conscious and were into typical weight loss regimens. Yet nothing else could beat Chocolate Slim. Although there are a plethora of such health drinks available in the market, this is different due to two main reasons – It tastes like chocolate and it works! There are so many other herbal products claiming to work, but most of them are not delicious like this. This comes with a nice flavor, not too overpowering yet not too subtle. It keeps you full of energy until you want to unwind.

You start realizing how different it is and how much it works starting from day 3. You see you have lost inches and the energy you have is no way comparable to any other health drink. What puts me off with these other supplements is how they look all green and mushy and how you can still feel their taste after you have drunk it for hours together. This could be a put off for many others like me who are quite sensitive about what they consume. Chocolate slim on the other hand is too subtle with a mild chocolate taste and this is made of all natural ingredients which team against your fatty layers and battle them off eventually.

When you read up the customer reviews you will notice how some of them have steadily lost weight up to 24 kg in a month. This will be inspiring to a whole lot of people. This drink is capable of lowering the cholesterol levels while burning your fat. It keeps fighting the cellulite while reducing your craving for sweets or other junk food. It is important to be in diet control while you are taking it and this drink helps in keeping you satiated.

He could easily be the well dressed person in any room. It is important to have a decent physique to carry of clothes well apart from the basic sense of style and attitude. There are many health drinks which aid in inch loss sooner than many difficult regimes. A supplement Chocolate slim gives instant results in as early as 3 days which could be like a magic. You could lose inches start fitting into clothes a size smaller. When the fitting is better, what you wear definitely looks better. You also feel confident when you look fit and are active throughout.

This drink is capable of reducing the fat layer in the body, improving your digestion there by making you feel more active. It helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in your body too. It is good to note that the drink actually helps in combating acne and other skin conditions as well. Apart from all the above said points, it is capable of making you feel contented where you do not keep thinking about food or sweets all day. Your appetite is taken care of and you do not feel the urge to tuck in something every few hours. This helps in feeling satiated thus stops from putting on all those extra calories.

Remember, there are many of these supplement health drinks available in the market, but not all work as well as chocolate slim. The first difference is how it tastes, just like a chocolate drink! Now who does not like a chocolate drink? Although it is made of all natural and herbal products it does not taste like those herbal drinks. It combats the cellulite effectively. This cellulite is the prime enemy for many women across the world. Firmer and smoother skin, which is the dream of every person out there, is achieved when you take this drink regularly. It will show on your skin as well.

It is not a surprise that she looks ravishing. Every woman out there would want to have that smooth and firm skin of hers. Not feel beautiful alone, but be active and fit too. There are many health drinks which promise in aiding weight loss. The one with a lot of good reviews is Chocolate Slim which according to users starts showing results from 3 days of consumption. It combats the cellulite which is the worrying cause among many women and makes sure the layers do not form again on regular consumption. It also helps in keeping your skin blemish and acne free.

This drink has multiple positive reviews that you might want to try it immediately after you have read the, another added advantage is that all the ingredients that are used in making this product are all natural. Every ingredient that goes in to making has its own way of aiding fast digestion and keeping fit. There are not several products in the market which are all made of natural ingredients. One more thing why women will instantly love this product is how it tastes. It tastes exactly like chocolate unlike all those herbal health drinks out there.

It works beautifully on enhancing your skin glow. It clears any sort of inflammation in the body and works towards maintaining a system that is devoid of any cholesterol or even fat. You can see how it had changed you for better, once you start using it regularly. The dosage is different for women and men as their metabolism is entirely different. It keeps you satiated with the healthy diet you are consuming along with the drink so you do not crave for a sweet or junk food. When you are a weight loss health supplement and you are completely avoiding junk food and sweets, you know you are going in the right track for weight loss. Plus you are getting rid of all the disorders in your body like cholesterol and fatigue. You also start to feel like giving a comeback just like how Timberlake did!

It could be important to him as this is his comeback. Just how important it could be for anyone to start looking after their skin. It is important to follow a skin care routine once you are past 30. Those women who are under 30 make it their priority to follow skin care regimens. We see that it keeps coming down once you start ageing. It is important to start the anti ageing treatments as early as 30 so your skin looks better when you are 45. If you are not a skin care person, then you will find it hard to take when you bare old and cannot do much about your sagging muscles. It is therefore important to start with anti ageing or natural creams like Goji krém whenever you find some time.

This cream constitutes of natural products like goji berries which in the long run help in keeping the skin firm and smooth. This is important as a sagging or wrinkly skin is not something which you want to look into when holding up a mirror. This cream is suitable for most skin tones. When you start using it regularly, you will see how your skin quality and tome has improved along with time. You could just wash your face and use this as a night cream every day too for the best results.

A cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing routine is needed for every face. Over a period of time, you will see dust particles all settling on to your face and making your face dull. This could be avoided when you follow a skin care routine. Choosing a right cream is important so you can leave to it the toning. The cream will take care of your half skin care routine. This cream when applied evenly makes your skin look firm at the same time smooth as well. You can use it as a base cream for your make up as it does not dry into flakes or is oily thus suiting all skin types.  Imagine a cream which helps in keeping your skin clean and fresh at the same time acting as your makeup base?


There is this specialty of American rappers, they could do a solo cover or come up alongside another musician collaborating excellent hip hop music or even act. They are multi talented coming up with music, song writing, rapping and acting all with the same ease that you are surprised what they are not good at. Just like all those women out there who are multi faceted and are good at too many things. They cook, clean, take care of their skin care routine, excel at work and still find time for hobbies. When it comes to skin care, women do spend a lot of time and energy in it as they know how important it is for them to look after their skin.

What helps them most is a cream like Goji krém which works in multiple ways to keep all the skin problems at bay. There are several issues that happen with your facial skin as you grow old with each passing day. Hence it is important that you follow a routine to just keep a tab on how well your skin is and what all you could do to keep all issues at bay. There are several organic and natural products which could keep your skin issues away like goji berries. This cream is made up of mainly goji berries.

If you are using make up products every day, then you might be confused as to where this particular cream will fit in your set up. This cream neither makes your skin oily nor makes it flaky like a cake pastry. Hence it is perfect to be used a s a base for makeup. You could also use this cream every night by applying a thin layer on to your face. You will visibly see the improvement that your skin has after you have started applying this cream. In the morning you will see a glowing face with even skin tone. On regular use, you can also notice that all your acne marks and pimple marks start disappearing. It helps if you drink a lot of water to keep your skin supple and healthy. What helps more is a cream like this which will shield you from all external pollution, dust and pollens.

When you see the first signs of wrinkling!


In school, I had heard a poem that spoke about how youthfulness is only a temporary phase. The poet Edmund Burke hilariously tries to say that when you see your wrinkles for the first time in the mirror it is in fact the mirror that needs correction. I was still in the pink of youth when I first heard it and like anyone was really amused with the poetry where the poet tries to rigmarole about old age.

But now I see a different perspective:

It was in my late thirties that I started noticing wrinkles around my lips and near the eyes. The rest of the face was still quite taut and I thought those wrinkles and lines around my mouth and eyes gave my face a deeper dimension. With a few more years down, I started worrying because my face was now swiftly losing its tautness. I could see the collagen disappearing and a lot of the face sagging around the neck and the double chin area.

Now I was really beginning to get worried:

This was the time that I discovered Goji krem from a friend’s saloon. She was so gaga about the benefit of using the cream that I did not think twice. I did not even find it too costly. I had not thought that this was a turning point in my life. Because within a matter of two weeks itself I was going to see miraculous changes in my face skin.

It was unbelievable:

A matter of two weeks and there was a world of difference in the skin of my face. I could see the wrinkle lines near the mouth straightening and my face was regaining its lost elasticity! It felt surreal at first, almost like a dream.

I was getting compliments now!

I began to see that the cream was working wonders when friends and colleagues started to congratulate me for my smooth skin. My boss was also seen complementing me on maintaining my youthful looks. That month at the annual office do, the master of the ceremony announced my name and introduced me as a “fountainhead of youth”. I was truly flattered!

Application of the cream is so easy:

All you need to do is to clean your face and apply a small portion of the cream on to your face in circular motions. The amino acids and other vital minerals in the fruit moisturize the skin and hydrate the layers of the skin. The moisture content that is locked within the skin helps the face in not forming wrinkles. Once the oxygen levels and the fluid level in the skin get cut off, wrinkles start forming deeper and enter the stage when the damage is irreversible.

Tips to look young and Healthy!

Women always wanted to look beautiful, no matter what! All of them want to look young and good looking at any age, no matter. These days even Men want to look beautiful andyoung, with alot more body built. Beauty is not a matter of gender, but it’s all about your skin and the underlying health.

So, how do you take care of your skin and body together? A desire to look beautiful and young won’t actually get you there; you need to take little steps to go there and stay there.

Don’t binge:

This is the first baby step to it. Don’t binge! We all love eating chips, fries and snacks during our free time. Gulp of those butter biscuits and chew all the gums ever in the store! We never give a break to our system, keeping it occupied all time.

This is going to do you bad than good. Have you seen people in 60’s look like 40 yr old and a 40 yr. old look like 60? What’s the difference? Simple their habits and their care of their body and health matters the most!

So, start avoiding those too many snacks and oily stuff, avoid excess sugar and start going clean. You will see the change in a few months’ time.

Though there are many creams and solutions to look young and healthy in the skin, home remedies give you a lasting effect. But there is one cream that you may try, as it has natural component, giving you all that natural effect, leaving you tolook healthy and beautiful. The Goji krém, which has the natural goji berry which is full of antioxidants, leaving you tofeel fresh inside out!

Use sunscreen to skin:

We always stay out in the dust and pollution and scorching sun, after which the skin cells die and absorb tan. The harsh UV rays penetrate theskin and leave it wrinkling and ageing affects soon. So, always use Sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh rays and to stay young forever.

Exfoliate skin:

It’s recommended that you exfoliate skin every week or if possible twice a week to wash off the dead skin cells and allow the fresh cells to grow and healthy cells to thrive. This also clears the clogs and pores and removes the underlying dust particles and make you bright.

Drink water more:

Staying hydrated is the best gift for your body and skin!! We swear on it, no other remedies followed better will help you like this one!

Natural Ways ToLook, Young

Younger looking body and skin is a gift that one can give oneself! But, not everybody knows the secret behind it. if you are hitting a parlour every 15 days to get an anti-aging facial done and to look young and beautiful, then we are sure you haven’t done the research yet! There is one cream, which swears by it, the Goji krém is that! Give it a try before hitting the parlour.

Young looking is never got alone at salons! You can be young while following few simple regimes and habits. Wondering if we are speaking of sense? Yes, very much!! Here are a few habits and regimes that you can surely follow, and feel young and look beautiful, without spending dollars of bucks.

Stay positive:

Yes, this approach and attitude not just gets you rewards but also lots of other packed goodies. You get good health and skin too! Staying happy makes you release the happy hormones, and improve blood circulation in the body. Positiveoutlooks, makes you feel more confident, forget the worries and help you concentrate better. Allthese internal changes will show on the outer part, making your skin look clean and neat, without any worry wrinkles. This attitude makes you smile more, which is the best exercise for any skin, and also the body to get rid of the stress bug inside.

Stay young at heart:

Remember the child that you were? Well, have you forgotten that habit? Common, rekindle the child in you, get into some play with your child (if you have). Else, indulge in some play andhave fun, games like basketball, volleyball that has a number of people and played outside will give you some fresh air and lets you lose the worries inside, which is good for your health and skin. Often tell yourself that you are young, and let your mind think that way.

Get good sleep:

Yes, our body needs some rest too, after all the hard work. don’t deprive the body rest and make it look more dull, inside and out. An adequate 6-8 hours of sleep is essential. The minimum is 5 hours, the base time that your body needs rest. When your body is rest, actually it’s working hard inside, to remove all the toxins out and prepare you for the best and energetic day. The liver and kidneys work, the intestines too, remove the toxins out. This naturally keeps your body healthy andyour skin will be free to absorb the fresh oxygen you take and the things you give.

We have always wanted a good looking ‘us’ and healthy we! But, we have not looked them at the easiest way possible that can be done in the comfort of our homes. we always got the beauty shops, parlours and clinics handy and a wallet of money shelled there, we think that our health and skin well-being is guaranteed.

Do you know that the more exposure you have to chemicals you are actually killing yourself for the goodness that your body is having! Eating a lot of preserved and canned foods, and taking inmore of creams is harmful to your skin and health.

For beauty desires, there are alot of creams, which claim to make you look beautiful in just a fewweeks’ time. Like the Goji cream, this says that it will make you look younger forever! But, using cream alone will only make you look aged sooner. So, what actually should you do to look young andhealthy too!

Here are few ingredients that will make you look good inside out, yea this reflects on your skin and your health too.

Green tea:

This tea is filled with alot of good stuff! It has agenerous amount of anti-oxidants that keeps you away from ageing. Along with this, it also burns the cholesterol and other unwanted fat from the body, with regular use. Also, beware of overusing this! A good 3 cups per day, is extremely beneficial to your body and skin.

Well, don’t throw the bag aswell; it can help you reduce your eye-irritation caused due tooverwork. Just put them on and sleep, it cures the eye irritation and also the dark circles will vanish.


The Asians, especially Indians swear by this ingredient which is a part of their daily diet and skin care. It’s an ancient anti-oxidant and anti-cancerous natural substance which has plenty of good things. Use turmeric every day in your diet, and see your body change. It improves memory, is anti-cancerous and also has agood amount of anti-oxidant which makes you healthy and beautiful. Use turmeric in your face packs, and see the magic happen over time. A small warning, use pure turmeric, there are plenty adulterated packs available.


They are wonder nuts, that gives you a load of good healthy stuff and keeps you healthy inside out. Walnuts have natural omega 3 that is good for thebrain and also for theskin. Eating a handful each day will keep you healthy and beautiful.

Pregnancy can be a tumultuous time for women as she goes through a wide variety of emotions. It is a roller coaster ride of euphoria, nervousness, excitement, thrill, and fear. It is difficult to come to terms with the changing body and its needs and swinging moods. One of the biggest confusion that pregnant women face is their wardrobe. They are forever in a dilemma on what to wear and what not to wear.

The thumb rule for any outfit during this phase is comfort. Go for outfits with clean simple lines and classic cuts in solid colors. Avoid loud and large patterns. Remember your natural glow should be the focus. Do not over accessorize too. Keep it simple by using some unique scarfs and light jewelry.

Do not be shy about your growing body and its natural curves. Be daring to flaunt it along with your radiant skin. You can also change your hairstyle to suit the new you. cut long hair short or if you have short hair grow it to medium length. Try out different hairstyles like braids, upsweeps and use fancy combs and clips. If you find it cumbersome then just let the hair be in a manageable bun while you focus on accentuating your eyes which will be brimming with hope and love and excitement.

The most important thing during this phase though is your posture. It is not possible to remain ramrod straight with the growing weight but as far as possible maintain a good posture. Ensure that you don’t slouch your shoulders and walk with your shoulders thrown back. This will reduce the strain on your back while making you look good.

While it is true that your natural glow and radiance will suffice and you don’t need any additional enhancement, you will still need to focus on a routine skin care regime. It is paramount that you moisturize every day and exfoliate gently once or twice a week. Next, don’t forget the sunscreen when you step out. There are several natural skin care products like the Goji Cream which improve the skin texture and work wonders on troubled skin. Do take the advice of your doctor before starting any new products though.

Have you ever used any natural component product and admired its benefits and uses? If not, then it’s high time that you know about it. Yeah, we do know that when there are plenty of creams to be used easily why taking the bigger route!

Well, the hard truth is that the creams and everything has more of short time effect (good) on the skin and once you come out of it, your skin will face the burns, whereas natural ingredient is the opposite way.

There are huge numbers of creams, few of themthat claim tohave anatural ingredient like the Goji Cream. But, the truth is their effects aren’t long lasting and they have harsh effects on the skin. Initially, youwill never know, but over a period of time, when your skin is accustomed to it,you will realise that the skin is getting worse without it and the damage will be irreversible.

We have the world’s best natural ingredient on earth, the Coconut oil for you today! Yes, it’s considered safe even for anewborn and as well, to all aged people. There is no harm in using it, but comes with a lot of benefits including the good weight loss too!

So, are you interested to know about it?Here we go!

Coconut oil as weight loss agent:

The component in coconut oil increases the human metabolism and has a fatty acid which is easily digestible by the human body. So using this oil for either cooking, or any other activity like consuming a spoon of oil every day, or doing oil pulling will give you immense benefits of reducing the bad cholesterol in your body.

As a natural soother:

Winter season is the worst for theskin! Your skin does get dry and flaky in winter, making you look like a snowman, and also gives you plenty of itching. The best remedy is to use pure coconut oil. Rub them on your hands, total body, including lips as well. Each day, before going to bed follow this regime, and see the body look miraculously soft and supple. If you have or want can add olive oil as well to it, but in lesser proportion.

Deep conditioner:

Use coconut oil for hair, before you wash them. the minerals in itsecure your hair root and nourish them. Itconditions the hair, lets it free from damage due toheat and pollution. So, each time before hair wash, preferably an hour before using warm coconut oil and massage and then observe the shine on the hair. Do it continuously to see good changes and soft flowy hair.


Tips for Great Skin and Body!

The fairer sex on the earth always loves to still enhance it further and look like an angel on earth! But, it isn’t possible only by chemical results! Many of us have the wrong notion that creams and salon facials are the best and will give you flawless look instantly and for longer!

Yes, women always flock to parlours in an attempt to look much fairer and beautiful and young too. Notmanyrealise that a little time and some research will eventually gift them the long-lasting beauty and health without much money as well.

The newly launched goji cream promises to give you a younger skin and brighter, but we still don’t take its side, as many of the creams are all chemicals and are harsh on our skin.

Skin is one of the largest organs in our body and it’s the fastest growing one. But, with the use of chemicals, we make it look sluggish and dull over longer time. So, here are few tips to look young and healthy, both at the same time.

Remove makeup from theupper layer of skin completely. Even the basic moisturiser creams should be cleared before you go to bed.

Follow cleanse, tone and moisturise regime all through the day, and even at night:

Exfoliation is very important, atleast twice a week is recommended. As we travel each day, acquiring more dirt that gets clogged inside the skin cells, exfoliating allows the skin to breathe easily and absorb the goodness of the natural ingredients you use as amoisturiser.

Use sunscreen wherever and whenever you step out:

Use face masks and packs almost every week, or even twice a week with exfoliation. It allows your skin to glow. Use home-made ones, as the store bought ones will have chemicals that damage your skin over time.

Drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated:

Eat a balanced healthy meal. Eat a lot of colourful veggies and fruits each day, to nourish your skin and body and also to help your skin absorb nutrients and to stay young.

Get enough sleep, as it helps to repair the lost skin and revives the organs.

Don’t do these:

Don’t use all brand cosmetics and creams on your skin, that are available on the market. Test products in case you really want to go for one.

Don’t skip the CTM regime that we talked about.

Sunscreen is not only for summers but all around the year.

It has got down those unwanted skin care beauty products (so-called) down, getting their real masks out for the people to look at. The Black Mask is one among them, which had occupied the spaces in the beauty recommendations since some time.

We urge people to stop using too many skin products on their face and let home remedies work. using too many products will actually make your skin cells die, the chemicals in it will eventually peel off your skin natural glow leaving you tolook dull without those chemicals.

Why use those face masks made out of chemicals, when you can use homemade, fresh and simple ones? Your skin will thank you enough and it will be seen on the face. All of us like to look like a diva, but shouldn’t it be inside out? We mean from the skin deeper cells to the surface?

Chemicals over time will peel off the sheen from the skin. Here are few simple homemade face masks that you can use, extremely simple and easy to do:

Cocoa, avocado, gram flour, strawberries and banana are great ingredients to your skin, which will not only glow your skin on the outside but inside too. so, let’s see how you need to go about.

Cocoa Hydration Mask:

The blend of cocoa and avocado is bliss to your skin. Avocadoes are hydrating in properties, while cocoa is refining the pores, leaving your skin inside out glowing.

What to do?

  • Mash avocado, and add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder. Then add 1 tsp of honey.
  • Apply this pack to a clean face.
  • Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse.
  • After rinsing, follow the toner and moisturiser immediately.
  • Do this atleast weekly once, and notice a visible difference from the 2nd

Banana and Honey Mask:

This pack is the miraculous treatment ofany skin, which will leave you parlour like (more than that) shine when used regularly. All you need for this, just 2 simple, easily available ingredients and your time. So here we go:

  • Mash 1 banana (should be smooth like a batter), add 1 tsp honey
  • Apply this on to your skin.
  • Leave on for 15 mins, then massage skin for 5 mins
  • Rinse with luke warm water and use toner and moisturiser.
  • Do this for about a month, regularly (everyday), see the difference.

All these packs should be done anytime, that is good for you, but after which you shouldn’t travel out. So, better do it few minutes before going to bed.


There are lot of skin products in the market, and we should be talking about the bad ones, before it becomes too late, leaving an irreparable damage to your skin.  There are lot of commodities, like face washes, face scrubs, peel off masks, ready to apply on amask and many more types of mask, which claim to leave your skin soft and clean of marks and scars.

There is one mask that is pretty good but also has mixed reviews- the Black Mask. Few customers have got good reviews, whereas few have had bad experiences with it. we suggest you follow a good skin care regime to keep all the acne, scars and dust away, leaving your skin naturally glowing.

Here is a simple skin care regime that you can follow at your home, with a few basic ingredients and look stylish and classy like a diva, without burning your pocket, in affording the creams and masks that cost a bump.

Skin care regime:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate/scrub
  • Face pack/mask
  • Tone
  • Moisturise

These are the basic steps that you need to have your skin glowing over a regular use.

Cleanse: there are many natural products that do this work. even there are cleansers that are available over the market, few are mild and most ofthem are harsh. Anyways our suggestion is using Milk, the natural cleaners, or butter another cleanser which suits dry skin.

Milk is one natural ingredient which has no side effects and suits every skin type. All you need to do is, take some raw milk and apply on to your face. It will flow, obviously! But keep applying alayer over layer, and then gently massage with it. after some good 10 mins, use cotton and wipe off the dust. You will see the dirt being removed better than any cleanser.


Simple sugar and olive oil will do the trick. Take equal quantities and rub them gently. With this, you can also use any other scrub, like the coffee scrub, walnut scrub,etc.

Face pack:

Simple banana and honey face pack is a miracle for your skin.


Use plain rose water or use ice pack to tone up your skin


Use pure coconut oil over the cleansed skin.

Follow this religiously and see the difference. Save your money and skin!

We all of us love to look beautiful. Looking beautiful is not a secret, but an art and a practise to be followed religiously. To look beautiful and young, you also must need to follow some healthy habits too.

Not all that we eat is good for health and skin, sometimes without our knowledge we eat them.

Eat healthily:

Not all of us love eating healthy! Love pizzas, burgers and hot dogs, then the simple home cooked veggie pasta, that has less oil and more veggies. We love having doughnuts and chocolate shakes, with the homemade fresh juices and homemade doughnuts. But, the fact is that the doughnuts, pizza and burger come with oil that isn’t good for your skin and health.

Haven’t you praised that celebrity skin, which is glowing like a pearl? And do you know that they don’t binge on such junk factors, just like we do!! So, that’s the secret revealed for us, and a practice they make every day to stay young healthy and glowing too!

Eat clean and home cooked foods most of the time. Avoid oily foods like fries and chips to reduce your skin breakouts and also to stay young for long. next is the sugary drinks that we consume after every meal. The cokes and sprites that we drink have alot of sugars, which can lead toa lot of skin issues and as well health issues, obesity is one among them, seen in young children.

So, stay clean on your plate and have it reflect on your skin.


This is the second best remedy for your skin and body. It the best gift you can give to yourself. Exercise not just reduces your body fat, but also improves oxygen supply to your body making your skin breathe better and leaving them fresh and clean.

Use fewer chemicals:

Both your body and skin hate chemicals. The foods that we consume are anadulterer with chemicals leading to body sluggishness and other things. the fruits and veggies we consume too have chemicals in them.

For skin, the face packs that we use especially the newly famous Black mask harms the skin more than you can think of and even anticipate. Never think that they are doing your world of good, but they are just the exact opposite, leaving your skin dull.

’13 is mine.