Earl Sweatshirt “Chum” Video Restarts Odd Future Momentum (?)

“Maybe I’m late on this, but I’ve been hearing a lot about these teens out in California called Odd Future Wolf Gang who rap about skateboarding, rape, Nazis, etc. etc. I can’t tell if they’re desperate for attention or if these kids are just fucked” JTTS 10.14.2010

The whole Odd Future phenomenon took off about two years ago with the release of an Earl Sweatshirt video. Back then, seeing a bunch of kids skateboarding and doing drugs in a low-budget home made video seemed raw and edgy, and this group of talented artists (Tyler, Frank Ocean, Earl) and fly-by-night coattail riders (the rest of ’em, pretty much) really seemed like they didn’t give a fuck.

Fast forward a couple national tours and dozens of high-minded think pieces in the media later, and the most controversial thing about OFWGKTA is the color schemes on their line of branded socks. Doesn’t matter how many whippits or kick flips you do, you’re not scaring any suburban soccer moms wearing this shit.

But this new video is a good sign, if for Earl alone more than the group. Washed out in shadowy B&W, “Chum” is all slow Spike Lee dolly shots and brooding lyrics about family strife and similes about Vince Carter’s knee cartilage over a murky piano beat. This looks like the single from a new project, but they key with Odd Future seems to be just enjoying this while it doesn’t suck.

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  2. jkLXVNIN Says:

    earl’s all the matters right now.

  3. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Boo hoo…my daddy left me. My band mates are the only brothers I had. Whooooaaa…my psyche.

    Come up off that bullshit. Gayasfuck.

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