2012 RAP-UP

Monday, December 31st, 2012

So we managed to keep this thing called Earth afloat another year after Yt Jesus’ death.

Boy, them Mayan’s are full of shit, huh?

2012 was quite the year.

Linsanity, Whitney, Kimye, mass murders, an election, Bleu Ivy, Stevie J, Frank Ocean, Olympics, Pac’s hologram, Chick Fil-A, Sandy, Mollys, JTTS Blog AIDS, and Krispy Kreme.

With the advent of Mass. Medical Marijuana, I will make millions off developing a new strain of weed this year. It shall be named “Fiscal Piff.”

 ’13 is mine.


CASSIDY – “ME MYSELF AND iPHONE” …See What He Did There?

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

I haven’t been a fan of Cassidy for a grip now. His formula became too predictable.

Punchline about a wrist on freeze in 4,3,2…

He just dropped “Me Myself and Iphone” which channels all the “haters” like myself who are on some “What happened Cass?” type shit.

He also addresses Meek Mills. Good shit.



Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

617Live held a Boston Hip-Hop Summit the other night.

Artists, writers, Dj’s, and promoters were invited to weigh in on ideas to improve Boston’s Hip Hop scene.

Faraone and I agree. A city’s scene can’t exist without one central meeting place/proving ground for talent. Without that,conversation about award shows, internet presence, and magazine coverage is frivolous.

Here was my take on things.



Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

We all know Alias from his legendary freestyle battle days, O.V.M., and most recently, collaborating with Fakts One on a great album.

Alias is now venturing into the acting world with the release of “A Sea Of Green” where he plays the starring role. Shit looks dope!


Friday, December 21st, 2012

 Boston  lost a true angel yesterday.

R.I.P. Alexis.

UPDATE: There will be a tribute show in her honor 1/14/13 @ Good Life. I’ll be spinning, Edo G., Ripshop, Letia Larok, and many surprise guests will be performing. 21+ $10 Donation. 8pm-12am

Tomorrow will be annoying. Here are some new rap videos to get us through the day.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I’m sick of hearing about the end of the world already.. Fuck social media.

Here are some rap videos / songs that I am feeling right now..

About a month old.. but I just watched the video for the first time yesterday. I pretty much think Wiz is completely overrated.. this beat, video, and the Weeknd cameo make this enjoyable. Hot fiyah.

Roc Marciano’s is killing it on some real hip hop shit. Feeling it.

new eXquire.. he’s losing some appeal to me, but still churning out some decent songs. This video / song is extremely boring – but judge for yourself.

I had no idea Positive K was still alive and making music.. Here is a new one from him and the rich man’s DJ ON&ON aka Greg Nice.

MHz are back. Copywrite looks so scraggly at this point. Is he sick?

Dude. WTF Innanet bro.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I apologize for the two poasts below this one.. WTF based god.

ASAP Rocky – 1 Train ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, & Big K.R.I.T.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Don’t know how long this will be live..

Yelawolf kinda rips this. Danny Brown a given.

Ok.. Let’s Talk About Guns.

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Please play this song as you read my post.


Okay.. so everyone is now trying to take away our guns.
I’m not cool with that.

If my son or daughter got shot, I’d be saying the same thing. Making guns illegal is not going to stop people from shooting people the same way making drugs illegal hasn’t stopped people from using drugs.

Here is the thing – guns will still be produced. They will be manufactured here or in other countries.. it doesn’t matter.

Let me put it this way. Are bombs legal? Can you walk into a bomb store and buy one? Nooo.. That doesn’t stop people from making them and blowing shit up.

The issue here is mental health, plain and simple. Normal people do not walk into schools and gun down kids.

I just hate this fucking knee-jerk reaction to tragedy in America. Motherfuckers are so quick to give up their rights after something bad happens. After 9-11 we got the Patriot act, Guantanamo, and NDAA – all of which are still legal and in existence and not going away.

Now they are trying to take away our guns.

I also think it’s fucking hilarious that people are so quick to dismiss the notion that if the teachers had a gun in their desk they could have prevented the tragedy. You know what..? That shit makes a lot of sense to me. They probably could have prevented many of those kids from getting killed..

Arm fucking everyone and I’ll tell you one thing, shit is a lot less likely to pop off. Growing up in Hartford we assumed everyone had a fucking gun, and you know what.. most people did. And I can tell you 2% were purchased legally. We knew not to run our mouths and get into stupid fucking trouble because we would end up dead. People are getting away with these mass shooting sprees in areas where carrying a concealed weapon is not allowed.

Making shit illegal solves nothing. This kid needed counseling and attention from Mommy and Daddy and probably some medication.

People don’t really understand what owning a gun is all about. The underlying existence is protection. They don’t manufacture guns to murder innocents. People pull the fucking trigger. Change the minds of these retards that think murder is cool or a way out or whatever their shitty agenda is. Push the mental health agenda, because crazy is lurking around every cot damn corner these days..

Feel free to debate in the comments sections. I really wrote this blog post in about 2 minutes and was just quickly firing off my thoughts. I’d rather put the energy into the debate below (if there is one, maybe you all agree with me).

Sleezy Trees is a freelance journalist and does not represent the views of JTTS as a whole.

…And Here I Am Thinking I Am A Self-Centered Asshole

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

You know, there’s a special type of person that puts photos of themselves up around their apartment / home.

But to create a collage / poster of yourself and hang it on your wall.. I mean, that’s some next level shit.

Well done DJ ON&ON.

Can we get an update on this with a clearer picture? And not taken with a camera phone that was made when J Dilla was still alive.


Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Cam’ron professes his help in saving us from skirt wearing spitttas.

ASAP Rocky shows up to a taping of 106 & Park in a lovely dress.

Spoiler Alert: NYE 2013 @ Good Life. Tranny FoxxJazell will be performing his smash hit Ride Or Die Boy. Ride the wave, kids.

Fresh Produce – TONIGHT @ GOODLIFE w/ DJ Low Budget

Saturday, December 15th, 2012


Fresh Produce TONIGHT!

Gonna be real crazy. Hide ya kids. Milking all over the bar. Mad rap n shit.


Saturday, December 15th, 2012

I have a 5 year old son in kindergarten.

The thought of receiving a robo-call from the fire department to come retrieve him after a mass shooting – not knowing if he is one of the dead, is unbearable.

The reality 20 parents lived yesterday, of  being the last 20 parents at the fire department waiting for children they just sent off to school hours ago, only to learn that their tiny bodies are sprawled on a hallway floor, riddled with bullets from an automatic weapon, awaiting inspection from forensics experts is…frankly, enough to make anyone as crazy as the killer.

President Obama stood before the nation, visibly emotional, and wiped away his tears as he offered the affected families the nation’s condolences.

A CNN reporter, who has young kids of her own, broke down crying in the middle of her report. She said that camera men and reporters all over the scene were choking up, due to the especially heinous act of little children senselessly slaughtered.

The talk of gun control came up…but was quickly averted, because this was a time of mourning, and such discussions should take place later.

I felt like Pittsburgh reporter, Phil Connors, once again waking up at 6AM  in simple Punxsatawney, living out the same reel of life in a village full of idiots.

Humans of all cultures instinctively revere children as the closest thing to godliness. It disgusts me how American’s pick and choose which 5 year old kids are special.

Which 5 year old’s are worthy of the word “tragedy” when killed.

Which murdered 5 year old the president sheds a tear for in front of the world.

Which group of 5 year old’s prompts outrage on everyone’s Facebook page.

300,000 children under the age of  10 were murdered in Rwanda. Not 20 kids in a school. 300,000.

Babies, just like in Connecticut. Except their deaths were slow and tortured. Arms and limbs cut off as their mother’s are raped and village burned down.

5 year old’s, just like Connecticut. 300 fucking thousand. Dollars to donuts, all these overnight concerned child activists I see on Facebook didn’t have a single thing to say about it.

Last year in Norway, 77 people were killed at a kids summer camp, a majority of them campers. American’s chalked it up to”Dat shit’s craaaay.”

Remember in March, when 3 year old’s at a Jewish day care in France were shot in the head by a Muslim radical?

JTTS didn’t feel compelled to shut down poasts for that jawn.

1,447 Palestinian children under the age of 12 have been killed by Israel.

Uh…is this thing on?

In our president’s hometown of Chicago…107 children shot in the last 12 months.

As Mr. President wiped his tears for “our” kids on national television, I wondered if he gave any thought to the 160 kids killed by American Drone strikes in Pakistan since 2010.

Those toddlers were as innocent as the ones in Connecticut. Obama suggested I go home and hug my kid a little tighter last night. He could have given those Pakistani parents the same advice…given he all ’bout the kids and shit.

The families who experienced the most horrific form of loss yesterday…losing a child, deserve all the thoughts and prayers the world is showering them with.

My heart bleeds for the parents who experience the same horror, but because they are born in the wrong part of the world,with the wrong religion, or color, their loss isn’t as valid in America. They go without our prayers, words of encouragement, and support.

As my son safely fell asleep beside me last night watching Spiderman 3, I looked at him and thought about 300,000 Rwandan kids that look just like him…massacred, terrorized, tortured, while the world’s most powerful nation equates 20 lives more important than all of theirs.

When you mourn the precious lives of the children murdered in Connecticut, as we all have a moral obligation to…consider that any 5 year old child murdered, anywhere, is a reason to be disgusted.