@BostonPhoenix Succombs To Their Corporate Advertising Overlords And Fails At Life Again

So the Boston Phoenix just fired one of their staffers for making fun of Bud Light in a comic strip.

I mean, what the hell @BostonPhoenix.

I get it.. You guys need to make a living. Advertising fuels your paychecks and you need pay your bills.

But I mean, aren’t you an alt-weekly? Don’t you have Faraone publishing diatribe after diatribe slamming corporate policy and corruption and blah blah blah..

Yet, when a satirical and talented comic book artist pokes fun at one of your major streams of revenue, and presumably that pussy-hurt, Brazilian/Belgian-pretending-to-be-American, rice beer brewing, shitty marketing anyway, beer company complains – you fire the kid. No warning, just the axe.

What happened to loyalty? What happened to standing up for the little guy?

I don’t know.. maybe you saved ten jobs by cutting one.

Either way, you’ve proved the irrelevance of the print media model to me once again.


Good luck to Karl.


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  1. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Shouldn’t the editor be fired too?
    Karl has to submit a weekly strip, but doesn’t someone have to clear it?

    I was “let go” from Jamn for allegedly having bottles of vodka in the studio…sucks to be fired, but at least it wasn’t over a bitch ass can of Bud-Light.

    Hold ya head, Karl.

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