Sleezy Trees Update

My last poast was August 30th.

Then this guy…

Made this happen…

We are probably at about 10% readership, as visitors still get that message when they view from Chrome (our web guy claims it will take 2-4 wks).

Since then I have moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I have begun a vigorous regiment of becoming a grown man.

I have severely cut back on the amount of alcohol I consume.

I have switched to a healthier diet. Primarily been juicing non-stop. I lost 14 lbs and joined a gym last week.

pure fresh squeezed carrot juice

2 kiwis, 1 ginger root, 1 pkg carrots, 3 apples

2 bananas, 4 apples, 1 pkg green seedless grapes

Invested in my own place – buying nearly $2K worth of new furniture and reinventing myself as a middle management executive.

the genesis of my condo life. need many more pieces to feel complete as a human a la fight club opening scene.

I am single for the first time in a long time.. I can’t say I necessarily enjoy it, however, I do enjoy new pussy.

Been hitting some good bars all across the country.

That about sums it up.

4 Responses to “Sleezy Trees Update”

  1. mr.murph Says:

    good shit. being healthy is the best feeling in the world. feels better than drinking a 12 pack and eating a bunch of shitty food.

  2. Enig Mue Says:

    Oh snap, North Cacalak, props Treez. I was thinking about catching up with you once the dust settles over here, but I’ll settle on just calling, once I get a phone lol

  3. DJ ON&ON Says:

    On the other side of those quaint condo walls is a Piggly Wiggly, miles of barren highway, and a couple of geniuses working on a truck altenator wearing duck hunting clothes.
    Trees, you can put lipstick on the south…it’s still a pig.
    Enjoy your God damn condo.

  4. Marty Says:

    I just scanned this until I got to the words “new pussy” but then there wasn’t any

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