Chuck Norris Says Vote “NO” to “1,000 Years of Darkness” [Video]

Pretty self-explanatory stuff here. Chuck Norris and his Fembot companion “Gena” (2012 model) don’t want you to necessarily vote for Mitt Romney, they just want you to vote against plunging our great country into a apocalyptic nightmare future, in which our children will toil in salt mines and cocaine-fueled Cuban refugees swarm our shores in the name of socialism (which is also the plot of Invasion USA…SO REAL).

At the risk of challenging the God, how can we take this foreboding threat seriously when Chuck is too pussy to do another gleefully violent Expendables movie?

4 Responses to “Chuck Norris Says Vote “NO” to “1,000 Years of Darkness” [Video]”

  1. mr.murph Says:

    romney will do the same thing obama did. nothing. it sucks but its the truth.

  2. mr.murph Says:

    they stuffed a dick in the ass of ron paul sideways. changed the rules completely just to keep him out of the white house. good luck with your elections. thats why i never have or will vote. im just one person. fuck it. its just a ride.…0.0…1ac.1.ZCqjj_IYg0A

  3. el caballero Says:

    So we agree that Chuck Norris strangles baby kittens, right?

  4. Mr.murph Says:

    Agreed. The guys a bitch

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