Horrible Terrorist Mural Goes Up On Greenway..

There is nothing that has made me more ashamed to claim Boston than this mural..

Disgusting. So soon after 911, when our resolve is at it’s weakest, I have to march into my trusted American born, flag waving financial district and see this terrorist.

I am just so happy that many of Boston’s citizens agree that this mural is jihadist rallying cry, brought on by Obama and his muslims to enslave our thoughts and send our taxpayer dollars overseas, and to take our jobs and put the fag lovers and immigrants that came to steal my healthcare and my guns into our political system.

They settin’ up death camps for our elderly!!!

This isn’t what Jesus and the bible said, he wants us to eat all of our Chik-fil-a in a place where Americans don’t need to see that terrorists are obviously trying to paint murals depicting themselves as people who like sit uncomfortably wearing pajamas for hours at a time. This isn’t the Taliban! This is america!

I’m just happy they didn’t go with their initial design:

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  1. mr.murph Says:

    it seems as though massachusetts is in hypermode to instill the nwo. they already got enuff jails to house most of the population. their shutting down chik-filas. everyone is just playing along stealing whatever cash they can and hiding it. shits about to hit the fan. honestly, i hope 12/21/12 shit is for real cuz this world were living in sucks rite now.

  2. DJ ON&ON Says:

    The outcry over this is so telling of how utterly ignorant American culture is.
    First of all, it didn’t occur to anyone that the artists are native Brazilians. The kid depicts Brazilian street kids, who cover their faces with shirts when they go out pick-pocketing.

    Secondly, if it was a hijab being worn – a boy wouldn’t be wearing it…girls of a certain age do.

    Lastly, I could see the 9/11 leap of association if the kid was steering an airplane, or playing with firecrackers…it’s just a fuckin kid!

    …And if he was a Muslim child, which he isn’t, what does it say about Boston that the sight of a Muslim child in a painting is considered inflamatory?

    In a matter of weeks, we’ve had two white boys perpetrate horrific domestic terror in Colorado and Wisconsin. Last 11 years in America…not a single instance from a foreign Muslim…and like Flave said – 911 is a joke. They didn’t even do that shit.

    Boston is no different than Alabama, we just have degrees and charming foliage to go along with our racism.

  3. Savage Severe Says:

    these cats got down at coney island nyc – on the beach.

    Yo boston the terrorizing figment of your ignorance was also in Lisbon

    white boys between the ages of 25-45 seem to be the country’s worst enemy

  4. Savage Severe Says:


  5. Savage Severe Says:

    a big giant stomps through and all the little ants scatter

  6. Savage Severe Says:

    gullivers travelers

  7. mr.murph Says:

    damn here i thought we were talkin bout how fuct up our country is & how the poor stay broke & the rich are shippin their loot to offshore accounts & nobody can do shit about it.

  8. op Says:

    you know a good blog when the posters are also the commenters.

  9. Frenchi Says:


    Bomb It!

    Watch the complete movie but skip to 46.01 to see Sao Paolo specifically.

    [;-) 2 DR]

  10. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Hey op,
    You know a good Boston hip hop website when it’s employees are checking out other Boston hip hop websites…ughh fgt. Pack orders and stfu.

  11. wogga Says:

    Your object of frustration appears to be removed. It did look like a muslim person to a lot of us. The way you went about noticing that too, however, was conduct beneath an American, in this citizen’s opinion.

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