Heavily respected bloggar/journalist/radio host Combat Jack went in on the nacirema dream. What the hell did Trigga Happy Pappy do to him?

I am a Papoose fan. I acknowledge that he occasionally  drops some unadulterated retarded lines, but to say he’s completely wack is  out of  line… especially from a fellow NY hip hop guy like Combat Jack. Sounds like Jack is workin out some personals.

Mr. Remy Ma will surely fire back…figuratively or literally. 




  1. wite Says:

    papoose is wack

  2. wite Says:

    definitely not in the top 100 rappers…u should probably take this poast down and re-tag it.

  3. wite Says:

    matter of fact u should just flat out delete this shit because nobody gives a fuck period

  4. astrosspace Says:

    punchline/concept rapper that never outgrew I’m straight talking to you/threatening/always rhyme w the last word of each line kind of flow.

  5. DJ ON&@ON Says:

    If Big L is in he top 100 so is Pap. Same content. NY life, guns,bitches, and money. Alphabetical Slaughter is gimmicky like Ebonics. So called hip hop purists are completely hipocritical.

  6. astrosspace Says:

    Big L a billion fold over Pap. Lifestylez of the Poor and Dangerous over any best of 13 songs Papoose has.

  7. DJ ON&ON Says:

    I’ve been screamed on by program directors for playing Big L on commercial radio. I’ve been screamed on by party going blonde bitches for playing Big L at trendy clubs. I freaked a Big L blend at a Bar Mitzvah once. No need to sell me on Lamont.
    But it bothers me how revisionist hip hop purists have adopted him into this lyrical wizardry society of rappers mainly because he was prematurely taken from us. He wrote his shit alongside Herb Mcgruff, Bloodshed, and Cam…about the same shit they were rappin about. Let’s be honest…his delivery, voice, DITC produced beats, and aura were the illest – not his lyrics.

    Papoose and Big L are cut from the same cloth. You think nothing Papoose has written is anywhere close to this? Stop it.

    Ayo, you betta flee Hobbes, or get your head flown three blocks
    L keep rapper’s hearts pumpin like Reeboks
    And every year I gain clout and my name sprouts
    Some brothers’d still be large if the crack never came out
    I got the wild style, always been a foul child
    My guns go poom-poom, and yo’ guns go pow-pow
    I’m known to have a hottie open, I keep the shottie smokin
    Front and get half the bones in your body broken
    And when it comes to gettin nookie I’m not a rookie
    I got girls that make that chick Toni Braxton look like Whoopie
    I run with sturdy clicks I’m never hittin dirty chicks
    Got thirty-five bodies, buddy don’t make it thirty-six
    Step to this you’re good as gone, word is bond
    I leave mics torn when I put it on.

  8. astrosspace Says:

    you just said it “his delivery, voice, ditc produced beats, and aura” is a huge part of what straight makes dude in every way iller than Papoose.

    Best papoose beats he really rocked that I remember where all 80’s rock ballads. I think Pap came out in a real weird time where shit really sucked and he was alright and the 80’s samples and concept records def helped him out a lot. I just haven’t seen dude do anything different and can imagine him rhyming a billion bars like Joe Budden. And this is a dude that has about 9 Papoose tapes (my def favorite is easily Bootleggers nightmare), but Big L’s aura/swag/style/whatever is way to much for the captain of thuggacation. I think Pap would’ve of been the illest addition to flipmode squad but that’s about it for the thugacation captain. Maybe he will do the super rap group thing and find his niche, but rap Captain he is not. Big L on the other side was arguably the illest member on a strong team of AG, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, OC, what???

  9. astrosspace Says:

    and Big L’s verses on Devil’s son or Graveyard (which you can argue isn’t even the best verse on the song) would body anything Pappie wrote. Faces of Death, Chess, Love is a Battlefield, Law Library, Robbery song, and every garment dedicated song Papie wrote doesn’t cut it.

    and you can’t front a 94 co sign of Kid Capri was infinitely better a 2005 co sign of a Kay slay.

  10. Pike Says:

    I like both of them too, but c’mon…Big L > Papoose. They def have similar styles, but Big L had much more charisma and personality. And his best lines/songs are much doper than Pap’s. He was affiliated with legends, all Pap had was Kay Slay…But regardless of all of that, its pretty fucked up that Combat Jack went in on Pap like that. Must be something deeper that went down that caused it.

    Somewhat off topic…how ill would a proper Children of the Corn album have been?

  11. The7od Says:

    COMBAT JACK IS G.O.A.T and would ether paps whole career NEVER FUCK WITH THE INTERNETS!!! NEWMANATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ma Says:

    You cant even compare these two other then content and slightly similar voices. Pap is a fucking monster if you bring catalog into this. Anyone saying this dude has no talent or is wack def has a prob with dude and cant respect his art over how they might feel about the individual. Pap is the typical ny emcee and does have some misses like anyone else but with the amount of material between these two you really cant compare them unless it was with two specific projects against each other. If anything Pap def has more intensity, has touched so many more subjects then L (since hes still alive) and maybe this does not apply but do you really see L taking Pap out in a battle if there every was?(consider all the facts and be honest) At a time Pap was everything alot of heads where looking for from the east. He even says it in a rhyme how he considers alot of artists corporate prostitutes which he is obviously not and could have gone that route. People need to get behind that at least. If you say this dude is not talented you’re fucking crazy. astro you saying dudes team was a big part of why L is better then you’re comparing L and DITC vs Pap which is not the discussion.

  13. BBB Says:

    i agree with everything combat jack said

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