Black EL x Durkin – “DOJA” [Video]

Saw JKFGTCLVXDCDDIDIDIDDXXXCV for the first time in months at this video release party last week at Green Street Jungle. Good discussion about #purpleswag homie.

In between that, there was a video premiere: this jawn gets a noir-esque video treatment from Decriminals, who JK…ok, fucking JEREMY. Let’s rehab that name…JEREMY could probably tell you more but they are a video crew from Emerson doing some cool stuff as of late. This is just a good song though. Shouts to EL x Durkin.



2 Responses to “Black EL x Durkin – “DOJA” [Video]”

  1. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Can you share some details on you and JKFGT building on your prolific #purpleswag convo, or were you just massaging his ego?

  2. el caballero Says:

    Actually the most memorable part of the conversation was when he looked at me with a crazed, half-scared look and asked if I knew who “Petro” was

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