Dame Dash is apparently producing a web series for Cam’ron called “In The Pink”, a reference appreciated by porn connoisseurs to the classic series, “1 In The Stink 1 In The Pink.”

For obvious reasons, Dame has proven he knows how to make moves and be successful. Personally, I just don’t believe he’s all that smart or creative. He strikes me as a half ass hustler who surrounds himself with talented people in order to make a fast buck.

When I learned Cam had a web series, the Cam Stan in me was elated. Upon watching this shit, I was disappointed to see the first segment followed by a music video for an awkward yt pop chick Dame is apparently trying to make a quick buck off. Following that, is nonsensical footage of a factory producing “Dame Dash Motor Oil”…like I said, half ass hustler tryna come up. Pick a lane, son.

Anyhow, the behind the scenes footage of Cam and Wiz Khalifa (hot gabbage) shooting a music video is worth it’s weight in Cam’ron quote gold. At one point, he notes that he’s so fly, the floor feels it has to match what he’s wearing.

And just cuz we on some Killa shit…

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