Jerry Sandusky Ain’t The Only Person In The News Trying To Rape Kids.. Lord Finesse Launches Lawsuit Against Mac Miller At A Tune Of $10M

Lord Finesse has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller for using the former’s “Hip 2 Da Game” beat without permission.

Finesse, a member of New York’s Diggin’ in the Crates Crew (D.I.T.C.), released “Hip 2 Da Game” in 1995. The song was featured on Finesse’s third solo album, 1996’s The Awakening, as a single. It was performed and produced by the Bronx native:

According to Courthouse News Service, Lord Finesse is suing Mac Miller because of Miller’s use of the “Hip 2 Da Game” beat on the song “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza (The Kool Aid Song).” Miller’s song is featured on his mixtape K.I.D.S.: Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Shit:

“This is a case about a teenage rapper- Mac Miller- copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Lord Finesse, a hip hop legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to launch his music career,” states Finesse’s complaint.

Finesse says he filed the lawsuit after mixtape-hosting site, Miller, and Rostrum Records (Miller’s label), refused to respond to a cease an desist letter earlier in July.

Damn Finesse you fucking salty old codger.

I like your music too. I am sorry it looks like you are having financial difficulties, but honestly, sample lawsuits between hip hop artists are pretty much the shittiest, most pathetic, bitchmade move anyone can make.

I don’t give a fuck about Mac Miller but he wins this so hard. He’s even coming across on Twitter like a gentleman and the victim, while Finesse is looking like some money-grubbing, cash starved, bitter old piece of shit.

I knew Finesse was having money issues when he started pressing all those “rare” records and slanging them at $60 – $150 a pop in Japan and the UK, but to try to rape a kid out of 10 million dollars for jacking a beat is fucking retarded. I mean, you a literally destroying the culture that built you up in the first place. On top of that, you didn’t even clear the sample that you used on the song that you are suing Mac Miller for.

You are coming off looking like a starving, washed up, faggot Finesse. Let’s see ON&ON try to defend the Patterson Projects now.

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  1. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Your one valid point is that I’m sure Finesse didn’t clear whatever he used for samples…like…ever…which is why he’ll most likely lose the case.
    Otherwise, as for “destroying the culture which built you” – Trees, he IS the culture that built YOU.
    He was there, when me you and Mac Miller weren’t.
    Dj /producer/mc shit, he personally played an influence in how rap music approached three of those chambers.
    He can sue whoever the fuck he wants to. It ain’t about him getting paid off that bullshit ass song, it’s him getting paid from his undeniable imprint on a multi-billion dollar industry. Diamond D should be a millionaire.
    Fuck a Mac Miller. Mac Miller is part of the culture-raping suburban-angst bullshit ass identity, depthless posers who cake off Bronx-bred niggas.
    Bronx kids started a worldwide industry. Finesse just comin back for his 40 acres and a mule.

  2. Judge Jewy Says:

    The floor is yours, Counselor Trees.

  3. mr.murph Says:

    co-sign on. fuck wack miller he took a straight up beautiful song and tried to ruin its integrity with his corny ass corporate endorsed wack shit and claim it as his own. no class. finesse is one of the best. this aint like when chuck d sued primo. that was fowl.

  4. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Good point about Chuck D. and Premo…
    See Trees, they are peers…culturally, socially, age-wise, geographically…all that. That’s where it’s wrong to sue each other. Pioneers from the same era in the same struggle with the same common enemy have no business suing each other.

    Mac fucking Miller? C’mon son. That cornball doesn’t have anything to do with shit.

    Remember the annual Hip Hop Fest at City Hall? Shit was lovely year in and year out when the likes of Slick Rick, De La, Kane, Nice N’ Smooth, Rakim, and DJ ON&ON rocked thousands of hip hop loving people of all ages on some peaceful shit.

    What happened last year when ya boy from “our culture” was the headliner last year?

    Thousands of suburban yt’s showed up in raggedy bent up Red Sox caps and fought all day amidst rampant underage drinking. According to Boston Police, Rival “gangs” from Haverhill were the biggest offenders.

    That’s what Mac Miller represents…How dare you lump him in to the culture Lord Finesse represents.

    You call it being old and salty. I call it teaching these cornball leeches a lesson in trying that pilgrim shit on some Indians from Uptown.

    M.O.P. didn’t play that shit with John Cena for the same reasons. Frat rap all you want, just don’t think you’re one of us. Not on some color shit. On some culture shit.

  5. JKLXVNIN Says:

    10 mil and a feature on the new Nas album. FINESSE is winning. #DITCBACK

  6. El Mariachi Says:

    “GET OFF MY LAWN” – LORD Finesse

  7. DITC BOSTON Says:

    “You are coming off looking like a starving, washed up, faggot Finesse”

    Stick 2 blogging ducebag where you need no creditability whatsoever !!

    Why must you defend a parasite ?? & then you got the chutzpah 2 call Finesse a pedophile child rapist..your coming off like a disrespectful faggot & fraud..Tress

    Mac Miller is getting sued because of parasitical leeches who’s expertise is in counterfeiting ..Can’t blame finesse 4 being sick & tired of fraudulent hijackin culture vultures…such as yourself

    FYI..TREES..If You want 2 disrespect a true Hip Hop legend & innovator who has contributed & possibly brought more 2 this culture which you know nothing about ???..
    all the more power 2u… You just ain’t gonna get away with it .. Peace be upon you

  8. tommee Says:

    Lord Finesse >>>>>>> Mac Miller – we all know that. However – we all have lawyers to thank for the garbage casio keyboard beats that have dominated shit for the past decade. On that principle – nobody should be suing anybody – regardless of how wack it is. what should happen – is someone should just jack Mac Miller to let him know where he stands. these kids need to learn to respect shit – used to be you would get served – but no one will stand up anymore because everyone is just out to get money. it’s actually sad to see Finesse paying any mind to Mac Miller.

  9. ESTE Says:

    i don’t know that suing mac miller for 10m is the way to go when you didn’t clear the sample to begin with, but you know guys like him, Diamond D, Pete Rock etc are probably owed in the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in royalties they got screwed out of in the 80s-90s.

    i don’t blame Finesse AT ALL for re-issuing those records over seas for $$. Dude probably didn’t get his proper compensation the first time around and if he can’t get it through the labels then more power to him for finding it somewhere else.

  10. DJ ON&@ON Says:

    Judge Jewy, do you, per chance, offe
    r legal advice in child custody matters?

  11. el caballero Says:

    “He can sue whoever the fuck he wants to. It ain’t about him getting paid off that bullshit ass song, it’s him getting paid from his undeniable imprint on a multi-billion dollar industry.”

    Unfortunately this particular court doesn’t rule on matters of “leaving an undeniable imprint on a multi-billion dollar industry.”

    Should Finesse, Diamond D, etc. all be rich because of their contributions to hip hop culture? Sure. But like Snoop said right before she got murked in The Wire, deserve ain’t got nothing to do with it.

    Lord Finesse is a first ballot Hall of Famer in hip hop, but that doesn’t mean shit in terms of the business of music.

    Finesse played the same game back in the mid 90s. He sampled someone without clearing it and tried to make money off it.

    As you said, this guy was a major part of shaping the culture…a culture that has been about sampling and re-using previously used material from the jump.

    It’s too easy to pile on Mac Miller for being a corny suburban white kid. Yeah he sucks and his City Hall concerts are basically hyper-retarded snapback conventions. No argument there. But that doesn’t mean Finesse deserves 10 million, especially for a song that was never released commercially.

    If Finesse came from the standpoint of calling out Mac Miller for being corny or for not representing the things that he did/does and for “being part of the culture-raping suburban-angst bullshit ass identity, depthless posers,” that’s fair game.

    But he’s not. He’s saying–and ONLY because Mac Miller is a making money–that he should get $10 million because this kid rapped over one of his tracks on a free mix tape. What about every fucking mixtape released for the past 20 years that features rappers spitting over previously released beats from producers with even bigger reps than Finesse.

    Would he be suing some 90s-jocking black hipster rapper for doing the same thing?

    Old ass dudes just getting salty that things didn’t turn out how they wanted to expected. Legends like Finesse should always be respected (in a way, isn’t that what Mac Miller did?) but these dudes need to stop acting like they own rap. Dudes came before you and others will come after…deal with it

  12. el caballero Says:

    And let’s be honest–if Mac Miller cut Finesse a check to make him some beats, you think he would stand up against this “culture-raping suburban-angst bullshit ass identity, depthless poser”? Hell no. He’d make some boom-bappity beats and shut the fuck up.

  13. el caballero Says:

    Finesse’s lawyer: “”This is a case about a teenage rapper- Mac Miller- copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Lord Finesse, a hip hop legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to launch his music career.”

    Finesse is asking for $10 million, which he feels is the dollar value of his contributions to Mac Miller’s career.

    For a song that never sold a single copy.

    If that’s not bitter jealousy, somebody please explain what is.


  14. Sleezy Trees Says:

    You know what, DJ ON&ON.. you convinced me.

    I want Ice Cube to be sued by every rapper / producer who was jacked on his classic “Jackin’ for Beats” mix.

    I want every club owner who doesn’t pay BMI or ASCAP royalties when they play music over their in house speaker system to be sued.

    I want every DJ, including you DJ ON&ON, to be sued by every artist you’ve broadcasted in the club without paying proper royalties.

    In fact, I want each artist on Babymaker 2 to sue the shit out of you because you used their music without permission.

    I want them to sue JTTS for poasting the mixtape.

    I want them to sue our host provider for allowing blantant copyright infringement transpire on this here blog.

    I want lawsuits on every battle rapper who ever rapped over another person’s beat and won a battle that helped launch their careers.

    Sue Quest for streaming audio on UGHH without permission.

    Sue Lord Finesse for claiming he is a hip hop “legend”. Being old and having produced popular songs in the 90s does not make himself a legend. False representation and defamation of Mac Miller’s character..

    Sue every remix DJ on the planet.

    Sue every bootleg streetwear t-shirt company.

    At the end of the day, Lord Finesse is still a washed up faggot who is butt hurt that Mac Miller’s free fucking song is getting more love than his whole existence is right now. Lawsuits are the wackest move next to snitching in rap.

    Whether or not you like Mac Miller is irrelevant and so short sighted it’s disgusting.

  15. Sleezy Trees Says:

    PS I’ve purchased more $60 – $150 Lord Finnese records than anyone on this blog. I love his music, but his actions right now are hella suspect. And fuck anyone that thinks what he’s doing is right.

    To the kid who didn’t “overstand” my Sandusky reference in the title, here is another for you. You are just like the motherfuckers that want to keep Joe Paterno’s statue up at Penn State. Honoring someone’s past accomplishments does not make up for present day actions. Brainwashed and blind to the facts.

  16. DJ ON&ON Says:

    At least Marty makes a rational argument.
    Trees, you are a veiled ultra republican Tea Party nut. You subscribe to their wacko tactics of persuasion.
    Obama is for social programs and wants health care for people with cancer…Tea Party translation…OMIGOSH OMIGOSH! OBAMA IS A COMMIE MODERN DAY HITTTTTLLLEEERRR!

    Lord Finesse sues Mac Miller after a cease and desist order is ignored…Trees translation?

    You jumped out the window with that one.

  17. Pike Says:

    COME ON…Old people suck. Lord Finesse is obviously a legend, but as a producer he helped pioneer the art of sampling/recycling (*stealing*) music for his own songs. This includes the sample from Hip 2 Da Game which he apparently never cleared. But now he is butthurt over a young’n jacking his beat. This is hypocritical and more bitchmade than using hashtags in your comments.
    P.S. Sticking up for old ass rappers in this battle to “save hip hop” is so Boston and so fucking stupid. Im not a huge Mac Miller fan, but isnt he, and his acknowledgement of Lord Finesse, at least better than the other young rappers that dont give a fuck about DITC?

  18. DJ ON&ON Says:

    “Save hip hop” is so Boston? Wow. Boston is one of the least hip hop places in the country son.
    Shut the entire fuck up.

  19. Judge Jewy Says:

    The Court rules in favor of Counselor Caballero. All parties are hereby sentenced to shut the fuck up.

  20. Pike Says:

    I’m talking about the Boston “Hip-Hop Media Elite” not all of Boston. “Wow.” I guess I just assumed that was obvious. Just old people being old and grumpy.

  21. DJ ON&ON Says:

    There is no hip hop media elite in Boston fuck face. Who the fuck is hip hop media elite here?
    Local ass cornball.

  22. Pike Says:

    Oh…you mad? Haha. Relax. I guess I am talking about you (based on you apparently siding with Finesse on this issue) and Faraone (who when he used to post always had some new artist that was “bringing it back” or “saving hip hop”…that type of shit) and anyone giving JKWHATSHISNAME shit for showing a different (*newer*) side of hip hop on your site or anybody else with a voice out here. You said the following:
    “Fuck a Mac Miller. Mac Miller is part of the culture-raping suburban-angst bullshit ass identity, depthless posers who cake off Bronx-bred niggas.
    Bronx kids started a worldwide industry. Finesse just comin back for his 40 acres and a mule”
    Thats grumpy old man talk. Thats all I’m saying. I go back to my original point: “I’m not a huge Mac Miller fan, but isnt he, and his acknowledgement of Lord Finesse, at least better than the other young rappers that dont give a fuck about DITC?”
    Love the site, figured I’d start commenting since you guys seem to always be looking for more comments. I guess you can’t really rock with my sarcasm?

  23. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Pike, the word you’re looking for is elitist…The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect or social status. Saying “hip hop media elite” suggests you believe we got some big willy cats around here. Use your words like a big boy.

    We appreciate you and everyone conmmenting, please don’t stop.

    What I said isn’t grumpy old man talk…it’s a perspective from someone who has had personal experiences, conversations, and friendships with people you consider to be rap legends. Any mention of things like The Wedge, Skate Key, The Rooftop, Lyricist Lounge, Clark Kent, or Percee P is understandably archaic and dusty to you…but I have the advantage of seeing all that first hand in it’s heyday and seeing what you’re perceived hot shit is today. The differences are night and day.
    Sretch Armstrong and Bobbito on Columbia University radio and Kid Capri on WBLS vs. 88.9 at night or Whoo Kid on Sirius radio. Night and day.
    DJ S&S on the wheels at Premo’s birthday party with underground mc’s Jay-Z, M.O.P. and Trigga The Gambler, vs. DJ Whogivesafuck on the wheels with Lil B performing at the Middle East…night and day. When it’s said and done, my 22 year old hip hop experience verse yours is night and day. And that is no fault of yours. You can’t understand what you don’t know.
    Take soccer. Kids here have grown up with the game, played it in high school and college, and our U.S. Olympic team has fared very well against international talent…but talk to someone from Brazil, Spain, or Jamaica…ask them their opinion of U.S. soccer. They will tell you the shit is unwatchable. Wack juice. Same game, same rules, but just off the strength of embracing the game decades after other countries, we just don’t get “it” like they do.
    Take Lemmy from Motorhead and sit him in a room with Sully from Godsmack. Both rock music. Who lived liver? Who innovated more? Who created more with less to work with? There’s no prize, one person isn’t more or less meaningful, significant, or important to rock music…but you best believe Lemmy is the definition of rock music…Sully is a talented participant who benefits from the unbelievable shit Lemmy went through.

    Get off that grumpy old man shit. When Premier and Bumpy Knuckles come to Good Life on the 30th you’ll stay away, right? Couple old dudes who are probably on that “remember when wack niggas got punched in the face if they weren’t nice?” old man elitist bullshit.

    You’re into shit cuz it’s entertainingly ignorant, fashion forward, outrageous, and the furthest thing from your pee-wee hockey league days. The conditions, circumstances, and context under which you adopted the music are night and day from mine. I’m not mad at a lifelong suburbanite chalking up my fervor for my culture as grumpy old man talk…but be bout it…when Bumpy Knuckles, A.Z., Cormega, or Redman come to town, don’t go to the show…cuz they perceive you as I do, and we know how you feel about their old asses.

    As for Mac Miller being a step above other young rappers by “acknowledging” Lord Finesse…do you think Lord fuckin Finesse sleeps better at night knowing a lil yt from Pennsylvania acknowledges him? You think Bill Withers gives a fuck if Justin Beiber acknowledges him? Grown man shit. Fuckouttahere.

    Trees, you know first hand, having touring experience with various acts…a lot of these performers can’t stand their fucking fan base. Albeit incredibly appreciative of people buying tickets and putting food on the table, they wouldn’t want to spend 5 minutes in a room with your basic ass who has no fucking idea how they view life, music, society, race, and how wack you carry yourself. Groucho Marx said, “I never want to be a member of any club that would accept me as a member.”

    Pike, we love that you love the site, and at the end of the day, you’re as right as any other loud mouth who weighs in on this retarded topic.

    Hip-Hop is an interesting culture…Old school vs. new school values. Trying to define rules to a game with no rules. A generation of kids that love a culture but clown its creators. Old heads from the bricks who think it’s a joke for whites to rap…yet can’t explain Eminem. White kids who think Big L is a lyricist and Cam’ron is a joke, without realizing they are two mc’s from the same crew and neighborhood who always rapped about bitches guns and money. And to think I dedicated my life to this dumb shit.

    At this point, I have no idea what point I was trying to make, or what the fuck I’m talmbout.

    I guess that’s what happens when you realize how absurd it is that a website on this planet exists where grown folks make heartfelt proclomations as to where they stand on Mac Miller vs. Lord Finesse. Christ, we’re all morons.

    God bless America, and JTTS.

  24. Pike Says:

    Is now a bad time to ask you to host my mixtape?…kidding of course.

    For the record, in the interest of forwarding the conversation, I am 30…from Brockton…can’t ice skate…and always loved rap music/hip hop culture. I remember walking to Strawberries as a young buck and buying 2pacalypse Now, The Infamous, etc with my allowance money (yeah…thats right! Allowance $$$ hookerfucker!! I’m “YT” and obviously super privileged)

    My love of this culture is what brings me to this site and for that I don’t apologize. I love reading/talking about this type of shit, grown men or not. And who better to learn from/communicate with on these topics than a dude with the credentials you have (see above) and all the rest of JTTS

    My only point about the grumpy old man talk is that a dude like Mac Miller spends so much time bigging up the past and the people that influenced him yet he is still being fucked with by a legend for allegedly not doing so. Same goes for Lupe v Pete Rock. These dudes are damned if they do and damned if they dont. And these conflicts are especially unhardbody based on the fact that the culture that these legends created (Pete Rock, Lord Finesse, Preemo, Q-Tip, etc) is based on stealing music someone else made!!! Should these new artists just stop making music and kill themselves? Do you care that Joey Bada$$ just stole an entire Lord Finesse beat for his project too or is that cool? Its such an odd new issue

    Also, I’m not saying Lord Finesse should give a fuck about a Mac Miller shout out, but the acknowledgment should at least prove that dude respects the culture…oh, and didn’t Preemo already make a beat for dude? I guess he must just be softening up from that ““remember when wack niggas got punched in the face if they weren’t nice?” old man elitist bullshit” that he used to be on.

    Lastly, thank you for the english language lesson. However, I might add that your argument about being elitist and NOT part of the Boston Hip Hop Media Elite, written on a site you seemingly co-own (MEDIA, BOSTON) and then proving how elite (ELITE) you are in the world of Hip Hop Culture (HIP HOP) kind of shoots holes in your contempt for the title. You are, in fact, Elitist and Boston Hip Hop Media Elite. Embrace it

    Love the way you guys write by the way….tough to not like me isn’t it?

  25. brollinHH Says:

    I’m so tired of this “young kids making no money off some mix tape they use to promote themselves, woe is them they shouldn’t pay” crap. That used to be true, but not any more.

    Mac Miller was on Rostrum/Atlantic BEFORE putting this song out. Maybe you can say Mac Miller doesn’t know better, but you have two companies full of professionals right there that know this can happen if you don’t clear stuff. They purposely market these kids using the mix tapes over other peoples’ beats so they don’t have to pay for a production team by claiming they made no direct money off of it. That way if the kid flops it’s less of a loss to them and if the kid’s stuff makes it big they don’t have to pay a cut to the production artists.

    Mac Miller performs this song live over Finesse’s beat (just do a google search, there’s video) at pay concerts. Right there is money in Mac’s pocket/performance royalties. Mac Miller had somewhere between 20 and 27 million views (at least some with ads) on the original Youtube music video before they took it down and replaced it with an ad free one to try and hide. Right there is money in Mac’s pocket/performance royalties. I’m looking at an iTunes page right now where I can buy Mac’s song for 99 cents. Money in Mac’s pocket/mechanical royalties.

    I hope Rostrum gets rocked by this they have it coming, they been having all their artists use this stolen beat/mixtape promotion crap, including Mac Miller multiple times. There’s a hilarious video on Youtube of some guys confronting him on the street for stealing their beat. OP is right there’s some raping going on, but it’s record labels raping production artists.

    Six months from now when all the suburban kids are already going “Mac who?” the dudes out there behind the scenes making real hip hop will still be getting fucked by people like Rostrum/Atlantic if they win this case.

  26. el caballero Says:

    Do you start a new hip-hop “movement” every other week?

    Do you have Leedz on speed dial?

    Have you ever driven packages of CDs in your own car to drop off at UGHH per request of Quest?

    Do you make appearances at any and every “video release mixtape listening networking relaunch party” just so people “see you”?

    You could be part of my new BOSTON HIP-HOP MEDIA ELITE (TM) group.

    Earn points to achieve various levels of access until you get to PLATINUM status, which guarantees you at least 3 pics in every hip-hop concert/event’s Facebook album, a minimum of 5 “Likes” for any hip-hop related Facebook status update and advance copies of every M-Dot and ON&ON mixtape at least a week before it gets posted on JTTS.

    Are you ready to become ELITE in the biggest hip-hop scene in SUFFOLK COUNTY?

    Come get on my level.


    Martin Caballero
    BOSTON HIP HOP MEDIA ELITE President/CEO/Swag Scholar

  27. tommee Says:

    One of the best Trees comments ever “PS I’ve purchased more $60 – $150 Lord Finnese records than anyone on this blog.”

    Trees, you used to be older than 5.

    Yeah – and my dad can beat up your dad any day of the week…

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