Kathy Griffin models some sexy lingerie for VH1

1998, I”m in Vegas at the Billboard Awards with my man Papito The Barber from the BX.

I used to set up my shit in his barber shop on Valentine and rock for 12 hours a day while he cheffed heads up. Jadakiss, DJ Ekim, Lord Tariq, dude from Natural Resources, and an all star cast of Dominican coke lords were some of his more notable clientele.
I was 23 with a bangin hairline and more pussy to deal with than the JP MSPCA. When I would rock at the after hours in Mott Haven, he would be beside the boof lining heads up with his razor. That was our shtick…he told his clientele he rolled with his personal on site dj, and I told mine I rock with the best barber in New Yiddy on site. Amazing what makes sense when you’re 23.

We were steadily over-achieving. That was the year Hot97 held it’s first on-air dj contest. The caller with the best introduction to a song bagged a 4 hour slot alongside Angie Martinez. I won and brought Papito with me. S.W.V. was in the studio as I hosted my show. I asked them to step to the mic because I was such a fan. They complied. I went in. “Two questions, SWV…has Dennis Scott ran a train on the three of you, and wouldn’t Sisters With Vaginas be a more fitting monicker?” (If Faraone is reading…Dennis Scott was an NBA player married to one of S.W.V’s members.)

Angie pushes the dump button and we’re escorted out. Amazing what makes sense when you’re 23.

Back to Vegas. Papito finagled an interview with Vidal Sassoon. Not the company. The fucking guy. I didn’t know how, and I didn’t ask. Vidal flew him to Vegas and put him up in the MGM. I rolled with him. I have anectodotes for days from that one trip. From the prostitute who had a seizure in our room, to standing next to Mike Tyson on stage as he¬†beatboxed on the mic while I tried acid for the first time…Which brings me back to Kathy Griffin.

We’re standing in line at the Hard Rock Casino for some industry party where I would do acid for the first time standing next to a beat boxing MIke Tyson. As we get to the entrance…this is no fuckin joke…I see Kathy Griffin standing next to Rappin 4-TAY.

She was on some up and coming shit at the time, but I knew who she was…and here she was at some West Coast gully ass hip-hop type shit with Rappin fuckin 4-TAY.

No joke. For a solid 45 seconds, we exchanged glances, looked each other up and down, and considered fucking each other. I know she was down. I was just stuck on being a live 23 year old BX ninja intent on baggin up Queen Pen or better.

Every time I see Kathy on tv I remember our sacred moment, and how ridiculous 4-Tay looked in his perm. If I played my cards right, I would have been Mr. David Griffin today. Damnit.

Here go Danny Brown and Asap Rocky talmbout my bitch.



  1. The7od Says:

    yee kathy coudl get the long striidoke.

  2. DJ ON&@ON Says:

    Word life.

  3. UrMomsNightmare Says:

    That long story to tell how you and Kathy Griffin were contemplating fucking with a glance or two. Is this how men really think? Yeah..it probably is. Sad.

  4. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Thanks for your opinion. I see from your email address you’re a dude. Dude thinks like a lady. What that life like?

  5. JKLXVNIN Says:

    yo dave, what you think bout jewish girls? i can’t really fux wit dem.

  6. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Yo faggot,
    They don’t fuck with you. They smell the simple unhumorous small town Christian jocking black culture in a misguided offensive way oblivious to his sensitive psychotherapy attending, Newburyport Mass. raised, bitch ass faggot who PM”S dons like me asking to delete references to their dry ass wonder bread girlfriends who refer to me as “Sir”.
    Don’t ever refer to me in a familiar tone, and if you use my first name spell it in a capital letter. Say something slick and I’m at Burr Street on site smacking fire out your cracker face. Say something.

  7. Frenchi Says:

    On, Mmmm. Shivers!

  8. jklxvnin Says:

    But I’m Jewish…

  9. jklxvnin Says:

    And it was a serious question…

  10. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Oh, in that case I profusely apologize.
    Israeli women are amongst the baddest in the world. In Mexico, there are a lot of bad ass rich Jooish Mexicans. Sephardic/Middle Eastern Jewish women are delectable. Ukranian Jewish women are thicka than a snicka.

    Don’t limit your view of Gawd’s chosen women to loud mouthed B.U. bitches from Long Island…they come in all flavors.

  11. onmydix Says:

    DJ ON&ON is a manlet spic that looks like an unfinished clone. You don’t get any pussy but boy pussy.

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