One of my guilty pleasures is watching “The Weiner’s Circle.”

The show is great when watched amongst friends o’ colour, but I cringe at the thought of yt Amerikkka enjoying slack jawed hood chicks act all bad-mamma-jamma-ish.

The premise of the show is, customers and tourists get berated and insulted by The Weiner’s Circle’s rude staff, and are ocassionally given challenges to win free food. Someone from the counter will yell out, “First person to show me a dick on they phone wins a free meal.” Hilarity ensues.

Much like JTTS, the content is dumb, but the characters make you return.

Conan O’brien flipped the script on em and sent Triumph The Insult Dog to get some grub. Good shit.


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  1. mr.murph Says:

    funny shit haha woke up all pissed this put me in a better mood. good looks

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