Will C “Almost Summer” EP x Beach Boys Party @ Good Life

I thought he’d be over it by now, but apparently not: Will C., who dropped the incredibly dope instrumental album Adeiu or Die back in February, is still obsessed with the Beach Boys. Not that we mind. To follow up that free release, Will is dropping the new EP Almost Summer, which while not directly tied to the Boys, certainly evokes some vintage California sunshine on the single of the same name. The EP is billed as a prelude to the forthcoming Eli’s Prism, so be on the lookout for that too. As always, Will’s new track comes with some dope visual accompaniment.

DOWNLOAD: Will C. – Almost Summer EP via Soundcloud

Also–don’t forget that tomorrow night at the Good Life, your favorite blog is co-sponsoring a Beach Boys party in honor of their 50th Anniversary with who else but Will C. behind the decks spinning tracks from Adieu or Die as well as rare Beach Boys classics from the various eras (Weed Era, Acid Era, Cocaine Era, Food Era, etc.) of Brian Wilson’s long career.

Come get wasted and sing “Kokomo” with us tomorrow night.

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  1. sleezytrees Says:

    dope video

  2. Will C. Says:

    Thanks Trees!

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