why Riff Raff is better than Lil B

after i heard Riff Raff say he was “ballin outta control ya know, sittin like an obtuse angle” at a SXSW interview i realized my obsession of him was similar to Knife’s obsession w Lil B …..On & On’s w hookers….Tree’z n under age girls….Frank White’s w Britney Spears….G-Life Peter n Whoopie pies….etc

anyways i still think Lil B sucks and always will but i do admire the dedication he receives from his fans so i hope yall will admire mine for the best kinda-white-rapper out now (plus he’s not gay….no homo)

“rap game…nick nolte”

“surf’s up…swag”


“drop 50 on my braids”

4 Responses to “why Riff Raff is better than Lil B”

  1. millyvanilly Says:

    “i got treasure, I got that pirate treasure”

  2. DJ ON&ON Says:


    This poast is three years late.

  3. yukonn Says:

    1. you completely missed the point of the poast
    2. i don’t remember shitting on ur poasts, thought we worked together rather than….
    3. so is ur last mix tape

  4. DJ ON&@ON Says:

    I concede to #3.

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