Attn: Occupy “Movement” – Can you just stop already..?

We get it.
You are the 99%
Big banks sucks..
They got bailed out, you got sold out..
blah blah blah blah…


Los Angeles – 5 Million…

NYC – 17 million

Oakland 3.7 million

Boston 1.5 million

the list goes on…


Please, Stop.

Just stop.

One Response to “Attn: Occupy “Movement” – Can you just stop already..?”

  1. The Lion Says:

    You know what, Treez? I agree with you. I may be a liberal hippie fgt but I have my limits.

    My support for OWS hinged entirely on what they would accomplish once they had the eyes of the world on them and they did nothing with all the attention they had garnered. I still agree with most of their broadly stated goals, but I can’t side with them anymore.

    We could probably still argue for days about the finer points of their intentions and tactics, but for the most part I’ve completely given up any hope that this movement will result in any sort of tangible change.

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