Obama just sealed his fate..

U think he gon win now?

So… Gay marriage doesn’t effect my bottom line (no homo). I really don’t care about it. At least.. I don’t care about it in the sense it doesn’t change my life in either direction if legal or illegal. If it makes people happy, I say go for it. Right?

The problem is, I would say… hmm.. 50% of the country probably doesn’t think this way. Maybe more. There are herds of religious mongoloids and inbred mouth breathing rednecks all over the place that hate gay people. Crazy, but we live in Boston – we are secluded from these people for the most part.

They think this will lead to other issues being pushed. Who says NAMBLA won’t become a hot button issue in 25 years. Maybe we will be able to marry kids.. Imagine that? Just two people in love trying to be happy with each other. Right? It’s different though right? It is .. (I hope)

How much freedom is too much?

What do you think? Do you care?

Who is the gay rapper?

Hip Hop is notoriously homophobic (which makes in turn proves it’s probably a closted-gay genre in itself), so … Are you fgts still voting for Obama?

Either way, I’m voting for Ron Paul as a write-in as planned, if I vote at all.

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  1. mr.murph Says:

    i never voted & never will. their all corrupt. after i saw that criminal cicciline get elected to congress after all the crooked shit he did including cocaine trafficing in ri, ive given up completly. I support ron paul but he’s only there to make americans believe they have a choice. The system is rigged & the media decides whos president. The media is 90% liberal so i’m assuming they support huessein. unless, mitt pays enough $ to get favorable support from the media. either way a U.S. president doesnt do much except manage wars & read telepromters. Coroporationbs control everything.

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