The Weirdest, Most Disgusting, Intriguing, and Puzzling Littering Event of All Time… Naturally Takes Place at a Malden, MA Bus Stop..

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

I don’t advocate genocide, but if there is one town in Massachusetts that could use a reset button, it would be Malden.

I mean.. where else would you find a littering event of this nature.

Handi Snacks. We all remember those from when we were kids (or is it kheds?). They were that four cracker combo with that cheeze spread that was applied with a small red piece of plastic. I was a fan. Sure, they are probably loaded with horrific chemicals, but that’s not the point of this blog poast. The point is.. well.. let me set the scene.

So I don’t normally take the bus, the Rubicon was in the shop yesterday so I needed to. Now as you know the MBTA has some characters within Boston proper – but if you ever take one of these rolling Islands of Dr. Moreau in Malden.. be prepared to witness the absolute cream of the crop of mongoloids. Scabs, herpes, open wounds, drooling mouths, seizures, handicaps, Tammy + Timmy’s, scratch ticket stubs, mouth breathing, smells, fungi, boozes, crack, heroin, pills swallows, complainers, shouters, gross “humans” of every size, shape, religion, taliban, and nationality.

Yesterday I was waiting for the 106/108/411/430 to swang down Salem st to give me a lift to the Orange line. It was late as usual, and my phone died so I listlessly began to drink in my surroundings. Dunkin’ Donuts, Roast Beef shops, two girls with slicked back greasy dyed blood red hair ripping grits and giggling in their comfortably sized Patriots hoodies – Typical Malden sights and sounds. I sat down on the wall next to my bus stop, looked over and saw the above red handi snack stick sticking out from the ground. Whatever, litter. Gross. But nothing to cause concern..

But then the strangest thing happened after I saw that first stick.. I bent over to tie my shoe, I looked at my feet and saw another one. Then another. Then two next to each other..

I was aghast. “Who is littering these Handi Snack sticks everywhere.. There is literally a garbage can three feet away.”

All of a sudden I noticed 5 more next to each other in an untended “tree bed”. My vision went dark. Something shut down in my brain and turned back on. When I opened my eyes I could now only see in three colors – Black, White, and Red. It was almost as if I had heat seeking handi-snack stick vision. I noticed more everywhere.. all up and down the sidewalks, in the street, in the driveway next to the stop, on stairs, in other “tree beds”.

I counted over 30 before the bus finally came.


Is it an Election Year?

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

u may not respect his policies..

u may not respect his presidency..

but god damn you if you don’t respect his swag.

In all seriousness, there is no way Romney can win this year.

Is there?

I mean.. these stunts are reminding us why we fell in love with Barrack in the first place – or as Jimmy Fallon calls him “BARRACKNESS MONSTAH” (fucking crazy that there is a Heltah Skeltah reference with the POTUS involved)

He’s like the sneaky lowlife-ass husband who beats on his wife, and then goes out and gets drunk and fucks other women, only to come home and smooth talk her with flowers and candy and passionate, dirty make up sex. I mean.. talk about game… Slow Jams, Mic Drops, College Student Loans…


PS I like how Ron Paul has decided to say ‘fuck the system’ and is staying in this fucking race.

Ma$e has more “comebacks” than Chris @Fara1

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Every six months Chris Faraone makes a “comeback” attempt on JTTS.
Every six years Ma$e makes a “comeback” attempt at rap.

Fara1’s comebacks fail miserably, usually ends up being clowned by the staff and visitors of JTTS, and then he heads back off into the shadows to promote his Occupy Movement.
Ma$e’s comebacks fail miserably, usually ends up being clowned by Dipset, and then he heads back off into the shadows to promote his religious movement.

They aren’t so different Ma$e and Fara1 are they..

Anyway.. Nice to Ma$e and Diddy together again..

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DOWNLOAD: French Montana, Diddy, Wale, + Ma$e – Slight Work RMX

Wale is terrible, always has been. French Montana is like every slow “hustlin” Puerto Rican I knew growing up in East Hartford that thinks they can rap.

PS.. This is why Ma$e is coming back:

Ma$e Reportedly Owes $125K in Back Taxes via HipHopDX

Un-released J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. album from 92 – 93 droppin..

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

As you know.. I’m a fan of these dudes.

I love these boutique rare rap record labels. I love how they charge a premium too – suck the money out the nerds and the heads.. fuck it. It keeps them rare and collectible. Nah mean. Instant value. I know it’s a big nerd debate too.. “keep the music low cost.. blah blah blah”. capitalism bitches! aint’ it beautiful?!

Peep the samples:



It only took 20 years.. but we finally have a decent East Coast screw mix..

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

There is nothing realer than chugging two bottles of grape Robotussin, throwing the hat off the Rubicon, and just swangin down Newbury with some Michael Watts shit drippin out the speakers. Unfortunately, I’m always craving some screw I know. I didn’t grow up in Houston mang. I don’t know half their “classics” . I’m an east coast weegro, and I want east coast screw shit.

Many have tried. Many have failed..

But this Shy Guy dude does it right. 66 minutes, 6 seconds (nice touch). Let my Timbs do Purp. I just bought a box of Jolly Ranchers and a jug of codeine off my mans. Summer begins now..

Awwready this is a throwed screwed n chopped mix I put together for 4/20 of mostly slept on classics. Recorded it on cassette. Must be throwed for optimal listening. Running time is 66 minutes and 6 seconds. Fucking soundcloud fucks added an extra second. Download it into iTunes you’ll see. REAL SCREWHEADS ONLY… otherwise you wont get it lol.

Shy Guy – East Coast Screw Vol. 1 (Let My Timbs Do Purp) by Crakk Nicholson


Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Soon DJ Platurn will be enjoying the lavish splendors of Gucci Manor, where he will take in the plush landscaping, exotic young women, possible tween beatings and soon to be roommate JKFGT.

He will also be djing at Fresh Produce this Saturday…

Come see this giant (rumored to be over 7 feet tall!!!) of a man crush records with his mammoth hands while we drink and be merry with our fellow bloggers and counterparts from UGHH.COM!

It all goes down this Saturday night at Good Life, 28 Kingston Street, Boston MA 02111. $5 / 21+ to party.

Landscaping @ The Crib

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

A lot of people been wondering about my landscaping and how it turned out..

Well here are the results..




This rain helped spread the fertilizer and took care of watering for the next week. The ivy is gonna spread like a rash on ON&ON’s ass. I got a landscaper.

In other news about myself..


Suge Knight Claims 2Pac Still Alive?

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

An interview between former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight and Tattoo and Cee Cee from Los Angeles’ 93.5 KDay took quite the interesting turn when the former CEO was questioned about remarks from people that believe he played a role in the death of rapper Tupac Shakur.

“I got a [4.5] inch bullet in my head. Into my skull by grabbing Tupac, pulling him down. That’s really what happened,” said Knight in an audio clip obtained by TMZ. “Second of all, people know what happened at the end of the day.”

Knight later went on to reveal that no one saw Tupac dead and alluded to the fact that the rapper may in fact be alive and well somewhere. He also revealed that the man who cremated Tupac is now dead.

“Maybe the question is Pac really not dead. Pac’s somewhere else,” Knight explained. “I mean it’s the truth if you really look at it…Nobody seen Tupac dead. The thing is this the person who supposedly cremated Tupac, his mother wanted done quickly, he passed. So this guy (2PAC) got about three million dollars personally from me, cash. And next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again.”

Knight’s interview with 93.5 KDay comes only days after a hologram image of Tupac performed at the Coachella Festival in California.


via HipHopDX


Saturday, April 21st, 2012

To America’s parents who keep your daughters wholesome, drug free, and sober…you’re on the wrong track. Anyone with a yung yt daughter should make sure they know what being faded feels like by 15. If this pilgrim was wet mode for the first time in my presence, consider her food. I’d have her singin Miley Cyrus joints with 9 inches of Black Ashkenazi in her mouth.



Friday, April 20th, 2012





Friday, April 20th, 2012

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#nohomo #blogpain #midgetclown

Remember that time Solar got his ass beat by all them dudes from Gang Starr foundation?

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

neither do I.

What the fuck happened?

Why did no one step up an assault this fgt after all the tough talk..

People just gave up on hating Solar I guess..


Case Dismissed

Thursday, April 19th, 2012


Saw an a pretty sweet restraining order drama play out in court today between hipster girl and br0. girl was pretty hot too. psycho ass bitch. dude got restraining order on her. whispered something in her ear about her stealing his credit card and shit too.. hehe.. BITCHES MAN.. I TELLS YA..


I beat the case son.