Webz Reax as 2 JTTS Poasts Cauze Fuhror.

So recently two JTTS poasts have set off a firestorm small brush fire of controversy.

First: Genreal Stoor senselessly ripping into JTTS commentator BBB has set off tidal waves of seething hatred for the god on the UGHH message board. Perhaps this is all part of his master plan in promoting “Stoornography” – his new full length LP with Mister Jason of PTU/ Frankensteez fame. Maybe he is just being a dick. Either way, it seems as though the streams on interwebs and RL crossing never make for a good result when it involves JTTS.com (especially when I stir the pot).

See the history: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 aka Shots Fired (?) | UGHH Reaction


Second: Knife’s Tween Attack was picked up by our friend Adam over @ UniversalHub. The reaction has been hilarious as regular 9-5 common folk try to decipher Knife’s cryptic street lyrics. They debate the term “YT” for roughly 5 or 6 replies. Overall summarized in three words: “Haters gon hate”. Read 4 Lulz.

Knife’s O.G. Poast | Universal Hub Coverage w/ hilarious comments.

3 Responses to “Webz Reax as 2 JTTS Poasts Cauze Fuhror.”

  1. BBB Says:

    Big Bennett Bionic
    Art of Peace

  2. BBB Says:


  3. chia p3t Says:

    niga get yo hand outta my pocket!

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