Knife/Jayceeoh/Tommee/ON&ON – V.I.P. LOVE LOUNGE VOL. 1

Ahhhh 2004…I was an aspiring journalist with side dreams of being the world’s greatest DJ….No serato or laptops…don’t event think I had a proper cell phone at the time.

 That’s when I met DJ On&On at the now defunct Chopping Block in Mission Hill. After one of his sets we decided our love for prank phone calls & hip hop should be combined into what became VIP Love Vol. 1. That was back in March 2005 after spending months recording in Jeep Jack’s closet on Folsom Ave.

7 years later, I just had Will C convert this into one single MP3 for easy download. Shout out to everyone who made this happen & won’t let it die lol. Lots of good (ignorant) memories. 


5 Responses to “Knife/Jayceeoh/Tommee/ON&ON – V.I.P. LOVE LOUNGE VOL. 1”

  1. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Shouts to Nabo Rawk, Jiggy, a heartfelt drop from Virtuoso, and our proud sponsor – Chandler Jewelry, The Kendall Van Bretto Collection.
    I was going through a difficult breakup with shorty holding the cigar during this picture.

  2. Yukonn Says:

    7years later Knife is still wearing that doo rag in every flier

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:

    You’ve been going thru that breakup for 10 years.

  4. General Stoor Says:

    Is this the one with Jiggy’s Fern Gully track? Pure fire that was.

  5. tommee Says:

    I’ll never forget how excited Knife was the first time he met On & On… It was a match made in heaven…

    Shout out to Tim Dog.

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