17 Responses to “COCAINE IS A HELL OF A DRUG”

  1. El mariachi Says:

    Damn.. This is fucked up.

    To clarify she was addicted to crack not cocaine

    Also she died from prescription pills

  2. Sleezy Trees Says:


  3. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Whitney was hanging out with Brandy Jr. this week…What blows my mind is Ray J. was the last penis inside of her.
    SMH. SMH. SMH.

    On another note, Whitney hailed from Newark…home of Shaq and Redman – anyone know of any other Newark notables?
    (Preferably non yt.)

  4. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Sorry Mariachi…didn’t mean to disparage cocaine’s reputation.

  5. Yukonn Says:

    Just to clarify crack is made from cocaine.

  6. wite Says:

    luv whitney

    RIP to the OG jersey girl hailing from the bricks home of reggie noble, the fuggees, the outsiders, queen latifah, faith evans, ice-t, rudy from the cosby show, frankie vallie, cristina milian, tisha from martin, and allen motherfucking ginsberg.

    remember wen my moms used to whip around the maxima with me & my sister in the back bumping that first whitney album hard. then bodyguard came out and my sister would hog the VCR watching that shit on repeat & belting out the sndtrk on her fucking karaoke machine.

    whitneys death is enough to make a wigger come outta lurking. love that bitch.

    fave track:

    epic. nohomo.


  7. wite Says:

    id have to imagine the last minute and and change of that track (3:39 until the end, to be exact) is responsible for at least thousand bum bitch american idol auditions yearly. open.

  8. wite Says:

    the mysticism of ray jay’s penis is enough to make or break a career.

    kim kardashin & whitney – the alpha and omega

  9. DJ ON&ON Says:

    Quick Allen Ginsberg story – 7th Grade assignment is to write a paper on a poet. I told my mother how much I dreaded having to research faggots like Edgar Allen Poe. Ma does the typical Jewish liberal journalist thing and introduces me to Ginsberg.
    I walk into school with a paper bout a masturbation poem he wrote. I pass the book around to all my classmates. Teachers catch wind and send me to the office. Suspended for distributing pornography.

    Def slept on Newarks contributions….Cristina Milian and Tisha from Martin might could be the only 2 bishes I would ever need to fuck.

    “responsible for at least thousand bum bitch american idol auditions yearly.”

  10. Mr.murph Says:

    I hope the media don’t pull a Michael Jackson on here. She might have smoked rocks but she didn’t molest little boys. They need to leave her alone . But of course they prolly gonna sling mud all over her. Fuckin bitch and media

  11. Mr.murph Says:

    Bitch ass jooish media

  12. B Says:


  13. sleezytrees Says:

    Can I just point out that Wite made his comeback the same week as Faraone.

    And this is the second time it’s happened.


  14. sleezytrees Says:

    P.S. Welcome back Wite.

    I feel JTTS is firing on all cylinders now for the first time ever.

  15. sleezytrees Says:

    My Whitney story goes something like this:

    Never have I been real close with my dad. I love the guy, but we would go hours in a car together and not say a fucking word.

    My dad is pretty much emotionless, unless he is screaming on me and my family.

    One day, I think it must’ve been whenever the Bodyguard came out.. not sure what year, I was riding with him somwhere. At this point, the song was on the radio 24 / 7.. I mean, I knew every lyric, every note, every single piece of the song. Everyone did. It was like months after the release..

    So the song came on in our old 1990 Dodge Caravan – which I think was brand new at the time, I was riding shotgun with my dad and I tried to change the station when the song was on. I mean “I will always love you.. ” It’s not exactly a song you want to sing along with your dad too.. He was more of a Doobie Brothers, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkl type dude.

    I never saw my old man go into such a fit of rage as I turned the dial. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?”



    “You like Whitney Houston Dad?”


    Fear inside me welled up and I quickly turned it back to the station. I looked at my dad’s face and for the first time – I didn’t see my dad, I saw a man in love (no homo). Something about Whitney’s voice touched his soul. Whitney brought out the human being in my father.

    That was the power of Whitney Houston. She could melt ice.

  16. wite Says:

    sup my dood

    luv will save the day

  17. wite Says:

    live feed from AC

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