On March 1st.. (I Think) .. our boy (@FARA1) Faraone is releasing his big “99 Nights w/ the 99%” book.

We all know that the occupy movement will be nothing more than a vague memory by March, so we figured we would step up and help the god sell a couple copies. (His adderral and ritalin addiction needs to be supported somehow)

To raise awareness, (and to shame his undeserved giant fucking ego), we have decided to hold a Faraone themed art show the night of the release party.

We are not expecting many entries – we are not expecting any to be good. So yes, much like the party (and the book itself) we are keep the expectations low. Don’t feel you need to spend a ton of time on these, but don’t turn in bullshit.

His parents will be there. Not sure what that means in any direction.. but just keep that knowledge close to the heart and mind when designing your works.

Click below for rules:


Email all entries to: jumptheturnstyle (at) gmail – with the heading “OCCUPY FARAONE”

Must be PRINT QUALITY images that you send. If you send me lo-res images, you are wasting your time and mine.

I am not going to be hanging bullshit. I am curating this, so the entries must meet my strict standard of quality.

If you want to hang a different medium (i.e. physical painting or work on canvas) – please send me a photo prior to the show at the same email address with the same subject.

Here are some photos of Faraone for reference:


  1. Marty Says:


  2. Thor Says:

    I’m smearing my feces on canvas right now.

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    […] his book release. Big accomplishment!— Slaine (@SlainesWorld) March 2, 2012  The tent hosting JumpTheTurnstyle’s Faraone-themed art show was a big attraction that got people buzzing.   The @jtts occupy @fara1 art show is ready for its […]

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