Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

I’m a virile, spry 20 year old dj living on my own in the BX. Fordham & Grand. My then 19 year old live- in girlfriend who followed me out there from Boston hits me on the hip on some 911 shit. My Motorola is blowin up which can only mean one thing. She knows about me and Josette.

Two weeks previously, I met Josette at a house party I attended with my man 6 Killa. He was an mc who could kill you with 6 Styles..it was ’96 for God sake.

Josette rocked me from jump. Bad 18 year old (She could have easily been 16) Puerto Rican bitch – caramelled up and smellted like Camay, baby powder, and stew chicken. Long story short, 6 Killa and I took Josette and her girl to an hourly motel by the Bronx Zoo after the party. On the way there the bitch recited King Suns’ verse on a track him and DJ Doo Wop made dissin Tupac. Fell in love precisely right there and shit. We smashed raw in the trizzy – twin beds next to each other. I ate the box – just on the strength of that King Sun shit. Needless to say, I was beyond sprung.

So my girl is frantic on some 911 shit. Josette and I are eatin a slice somewhere in Mott Haven. I turn to her and say, “She knows.”
So my genius ass decides to come clean with the whole shit. Josette and I ride the 4 train back to the rib piece with plans of telling shorty the troof. We get to my rib, and my girl ain’t home yet. So my genius ass decide to take the new woman in my life into me and ole girls’ bed and get to fuckin. I can’t keep my hands off this bitch. Finally, about 40 minutes later (I go hard) we hear the front door open. I tell Josette to get dressed while I go take care of binness. The troof shall set Jew free. So I meet her in the hallway, and shorty is balling her eyes out. I stand up straight, keep a stiff upper lip, and genuinely say, “I’m sorry.” She proceeds to come towards me and pretty much collapses as she puts her arms around me. I’m thinking, “Damn, this chick really loves me – shit’s fucked up as it is – do I really need to have Josette waiting to come out the fuckin dug out?”

Shorty screams as she cries, “Where were yoooooou??? I needed youuuuuu!” I do well under pressure. I calmly responded, “You know where I was…I’m sorry.” She wasn’t expecting that. She says, “Huh?” I say, “You know I was with her…and I’m sorry but that’s who I wanna be with.” She takes two steps back as her eyes lose all semblance of indicating someone is home. She robotically spits out what she has to say.

“I was waiting for the train and someone grabbed me from behind, dragged me under some stairs and tried to rape me.”

Holy.              Shit.

On cue, Josette walks out of the bedroom and joins us in the hallway. Shorty had a nervous breakdown and trashed the apartment.

I don’t mean nervous breakdown on some casually throwin the phrase around type shit…I mean rocking back and forth on the floor in a fetal position pulling her hair out for 6 hours straight type of shit.

Soon as shorty started flippin out,  Josette left the apartment. Shorty packed her bags and left for Boston the next day.

That week I told the story to 6 Killa. He told me that  not only did he fuck Josette in the last 4 days, Josette was a card carrying Hunts Point prostitute that my genius ass decided to fall in love with.

All that to say this.
The BX is the home base, the nucleus, the ultimate essence of this hip hop shit.
18* year old Puerto Rock prostitutes reciting King Sun when Lil Kim was hot.

Get off that garbage these fraud ass internet blog interlopers are telling you to listen to. The sound of New York is not defined by a bullshit ass Asap Rocky post that appears on every cockblowers blog who never stepped foot in The Wedge.

This is 950 Plus. This is the BX. This is that rape music.


A$AP Rocky in Boston [Video]

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

So although an anonymous JTTS tweeter called Rocky fans sheep yesterday, I managed to see all the contributors (excluding Fara1 of course) swaggin’ hard at The Middle East Downstairs last night. Took away some footage, a picture with the Tumblr legend, ASAP Yams, and a lengthy, hilarious drop for Steady Leanin’ from A$AP Mob.

Watch in 720p HD.

Skip the jump for the drop and a few choice pics.


Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
My moms sent me this email:
I hate Apple and I hate the deity halo people paint around Steve Jobs, who refused to open code. All the millions in profits show capitalism at its worst and America hardly gains, we only know how to drool, line up for hours and empty our pockets. It really kills me because the iPad is beautiful, the iPhones are beautiful, Macs were always beautiful, but there is a terrible hidden price. But maybe it won’t be hidden for long. NY Times has come out last week and this with important eye openers on Apple.
Bill Gates, who is always a gentleman, said gracefully, Steve was all about design and it is true that I focused more on engineering. I will take an ugly old Windows PC any day but I wish there were some company that did not live off the sweat of workers, giving them a cup of tea and a biscuit and telling them to work for the next 12 hours..

Side Note. I just opened the email at 12:26 A.M. liquored up and high. This is the page I was looking at before checking my email:

Villa Chessa Hotel
 OFFICIAL WEBSITE >>>>      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1BaeK3zxZw
Villa Chessa is a small picturesque resort located just 10 minutes from the international Puerto Plata airport in the little town of Sosua.  The beach is just a two minute walk from your suite.   Just fifty meters away is one of the 4 gambling casinos located in he area where you may court lady luck.  Sosua is only 1 mile away and there are several restaurants on the way if you choose to walk,  A Taxi ride is less than $3.  Or if you are more daring, go Native and ride on the back of a motorcycle for about 75¢.  The lowest cost car rentals are available right at the hotel.  You will be picked up at the airport by hotel staff.


Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Eli Manning Gameface

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Philieano vs LD on the cut – FIGHT

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

CA…All day. Semi fast rap

side note Philieano is the brother of Opie Ortiz, a bomb tattoo artist (did all the Sublime art stuff) and singer of the Long Beach All-Stars….its good to see him doin his thing. Big up

Ice Cube’s Good Day Revealed At Last

Friday, January 27th, 2012

This is making the viral rounds. I don’t usually repost shit like this, but I think it’s worth noting in case you haven’t seen it:



You Can’t Kill Ray Lewis

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Ray Lewis delivers his post-game speech following the Ravens heartbreaking loss to the Pats last Sunday.

This is the kind of thing Jesus watches to get inspired.


Ballin’ Big Birdman Bets Bank On Belicheck and Brady

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I’ve always wanted to write a New York Post headline. There we go. THAT’s 7 B’z.. I can cram more in there too if I wanted. Fuck you Faraone.

Birdman’s been known to drop vast sums of money on bets, and for this year’s Super Bowl, it looks like the Cash Money rapper is reaching deep into his bank account. MTV reports that Baby is betting $5 million on the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI.

The Cash Money impresario and former Big Tymer Tweeted yesterday that he’s putting $5 million on the line that the New England Patriots will defeat the New York Giants this February 5. He explained that he’s putting his faith in the AFC Champs because his nephew is running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Don’t care if this is from 2007.. Best song ever.

Waiting for the shitty local Boston rapper Patriots song to surface.

Fuck the Pats.


Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

my boy Edo’s still doin it……real nice on the mic (not so much w/ returning calls)

i’ll tell ya i don’t know much about these G Dot & Born fellas but i’m feeling this…..take a listen guys


Necro’s Formspring Is Priceless aka The Best Necro Interview Of All Time.

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

I mean.. can you fucking imagine if some dude from Pitchfork or Rolling Stone sat down with Necro and just asked him these questions? It would be the greatest shit ever. Shout out to all the retard Necro fans for really getting the casual listener inside the mind of Ron Braunstein.

Gangrene [Alchemist x Oh No] – “Vodka & Ayahuasca” [Video]

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

New from Gangrene [Alchemist + Oh No]. This is pretty awesome. From the album of the same name, which you can check out a full stream for right here.


Black EL x Durkin – “Che’s Parlay” [Audio]

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Hot n’ fresh off the interweb, a new track from Black EL x Durkin

“Che’s Parlay” is the world’s first introduction to Black EL’s alter-ego, EL EL Cool Che. Occasionally one of Durkin’s beats brings him out of hiding, and we have no choice but to let Che into the booth to talk some shit.

Che’s Parlay by Black EL x Durkin