Curren$y x Freddie Gibbs x The Alchemist – Scottie Pippen [Audio]

Curren$y x Freddie Gibbs x The Alchemist – Scottie Pippen [Audio]

MY GOD, this is dope. Covert Coup out next Wednesday. #jetsfool

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y x Freddie Gibbs x The Alchemist – Scottie Pippen

4 Responses to “Curren$y x Freddie Gibbs x The Alchemist – Scottie Pippen [Audio]”

  1. bbb Says:
    ur doin it right kid.
    keep up the good bloggin.

  2. mr.murph Says:
    thats a funny pic of pippen cheesin in the mug shot. he must have a good lawyer

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:
    I’ve passed over the poast 3 times afraid to press play.. here we go.. I’ll live blog my thoughts..

  4. Sleezy Trees Says:
    beat is dope..first artist is dope..carl crawford just struck out on redsox in the 9th..

    freddie gibbs is up.. killing it..

    overallll dope. like this. thank you jkfgt

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