that “fgt n**** B.O.B.” responds..

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Download: B.O.B. – No Future (OFWGKTA DISS)

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9 Responses to “YES.. FIRST OFWGKTA BEEF..”

  1. ESTE Says:

  2. ESTE Says:
    H8 Bruno Mars

  3. grimm p Says:
    lol he’s all mad, come with a better diss record. this shit mad wack, them ofwgkta niggas are gonna fuck with this nigga lol

  4. DJ Rebelion Says:
    Seems when a cat starts making money people think all of a sudden he can’t rap anymore. This was fire. Even they admitted it. They meaning them odd niggas. Just because something is different “OFWGKTA” doesn’t mean they’re dope same with Lil B. With that said getcha money black men. Remember those who put it down before you and stop embarrassing them with shallow bars.

  5. mintwadwilly Says:
    we can rap better than that and we’re white. terrible.

  6. Kayh_bayh Says:
    awwh Kiss my ass with this dm hit bout the Dumb shit abut fuck christ itch kiss my ass lIke i said You getting bread Then Btch get it , all yall nggas wack yall really have too Say fuck gd too get attention How about all yall niggas go get a white crayon and color a fucking zebra smh !
    sTAY iN SKOOL KIDS ! SHIT im 14 schooling yoDumb Bum ass Niggas =) wish you bright future pussy’s

  7. Nate Says:
    Lame as FUCK

  8. 2Mex Disses OFWGKTA | Says:
    […] the veiled B.o.B. bullshit from a few weeks back.. 2MEX does not hide his hate for the young black teenage superstars known as OFWGKTA. Not sure why […]

  9. Jordan Says:
    you guys are all OF fanboys. Before Tyler the creator you loved B.o.B

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