Can’t remember who put up the original Vybz in jail poast but it was good.

Here’s some new shit that hit the fan for this poor guy a few days ago.

“Dancehall star Vybz Kartel is currently facing drug and murder charges from two previous arrests, but other problems aren’t waiting around—this week, a Supreme Court judge ordered him to pay $15 million to remedy a 2009 infraction. According to The Gleaner, the damages were the result of a breached contract, when Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, failed to perform at a concert in the Turks and Caicos Islands in August 2009.”

Vybz Kartel Granted $3 Million Bail, Remains In Jail

(His Masonic ring won’t be helping)

Jamaican promoter Alton Salmon claimed that some of the tickets for the event were offered at a presale. As a result, there was a riot at the venue, which he says caused him to suffer monetary losses as well as blows to his reputation. Salmon was awarded $127,736 for the loss of profit, in addition to the pending $15 million in damages.(this herb needs a beat down)

Still, the monetary woes are the least of Kartel’s troubles, as he is currently facing two murder charges. He has been granted bail in the case regarding the murder of Barrington Burton, but he’s unable to temporarily go free because of the pending murder case of Clive Williams.

And if you don’t follow dancehall then it’ll be news to you when I explain the shit storm of shit talking about this guy and him supposedly bleaching his skin (a big no-no in Jamaica). I read something to the effect of they can’t wait till he has plastic surgery to be totally like M.J.

Either way I still like his music.


  1. El mariachi Says:

    I heard he is implicated in five more murders..

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