What does a KRS-One x Mad Lion Video Look Like in 2012?


Well, it looks like this.

.. but, you know, it’s been like 20 years since this dropped:

Fuck I’m old.

7 Responses to “What does a KRS-One x Mad Lion Video Look Like in 2012?”

  1. el caballero Says:

    god damn you are fucking OLD

  2. mr.murph Says:

    Ill shit. glad they came back with some bangin shit

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:

    i’ve always wanted to see krs one rap in a mayan tamang.

  4. tommee Says:

    Trees wishes he was old – that’s his schtick – although I agree with his comment – shouts to Mayan…

    Back in 2000, I played a show with Kool Herc – and my man LoPro and I had a 4am argument with him about who was the greatest of all time (at the time)… He kept telling us it was LL, but we were arguing for KRS (at the time, especially based on some of his production – at the time)… I have to admit that every year that passes by I understand Herc more and more…

  5. jKfgt Says:

    Too bad DJ Khaled & Co. are today’s D&D All Stars :(

  6. DJ ON&ON Says:

    I aint mad at this joint at all…Wish he did more of this instead of rappin bout rappin.

  7. Sliky Smooth Says:

    Wow. This track is actually pretty good.

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