The Internet – “Cocaine” [Video]

I hope Sony is happy with that ridiculous Odd Future contract they handed out right now.

Now that the hype wave has subsided from six months ago, what we have here are the remains of the devastation of that tsunami: Syd, who is either Odd Future’s DJ/engineer or some rich girl they put down with the group because she had a studio and equipment to use, depending on who you believe, is the brains behind The Internet (REAL NAME), along with Matt Martians, who will be releasing their debut LP Purple Naked Ladies in January, by which time OFWGKTA should only have less wind in their sails (aside from sure-thing star Frank Ocean). If so, it’s probably because of shit videos like this, a same-sex romance that’s like a hipsterĀ Adventureland. Over an instrumental that sounds like a pre-loaded “Pharrell” beat from a Casio keyboard, we get lots of self-important falsetto, a verse which rhymes “coke” with “coke” a couple times in that same screwed-and-chopped voice gimmick Tyler uses, and a cheesy attempt at making “Fear and Loathing” style drugged-out cinematography. This shit isn’t edgy at all: cocaine, dykes and ferris wheels…isn’t that a normal weekend for DJ Knife? Couldn’t you have made a shot-for-shot remake just using footage from Gathering of the Juggalos? Probably, and definitely.

Everything about this group, from the name to this song, feels like it comes with an entitlement to be shitty just because so many people (insert one of JKFGT’s various ‘internet personas’ here) already got that OFWGKTA needle sticking out of their arm.

If I’m gonna watch some bullshit circus hip-hop video, I’d rather take mine with some MURDAH

3 Responses to “The Internet – “Cocaine” [Video]”

  1. millyvanilly85 Says:

    That was not good. Eyebrow ring lightskinnded bish was hot though.

  2. G2 Says:

    I forgot how good an actor Irv Gotti is. Who the fuck came up with the idea for a grease homage rap video? Fuckin pop boolshit, it is better than whatever that crap up top is supposed to be.

  3. mr.murph Says:

    since when does coke make you hallucinate? maybe if you stay up on it for a few days

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