Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


a sneak preview from a west coast (LBC) homie Swiss Precise and DJ/Producer Bunty Beats (Scotland) new album “Across the Atlantic”

Swiss Precise & Bunty Beats – Three Emcees Remix PT.2 Feat. Dizzy Dustin & LMNO by Bunty Beats


Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Ludacris – Bada Boom (Big Sean, Drake Diss)

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

I guess Ludacris has beef with Big Sean + Drake? I don’t really follow teen blog rap like I used to, but I love when big name rap celebs go at each other. I’ve always liked and respected Luda, and I can’t stand Drake or Big Sean – so this caught my eye.

Also, I was going to comment on this, maybe drop some critique but .. you know.. I was like 10 minutes late on this and someone beat me to it:

^ Chick obviously went to the Yukonn MC school of “How to Internet”.

Just something to reflect on next time you listen to DJ Knife spin @ GoodLife

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

It’s really cool to see glow sticks at the show, to see dance music culture infiltrating and becoming one with the metal community. At the last show, there was one mosh pit where they were moshing, and another with kids doing glow stick tricks. They were taking turns and shit. I think we’ve opened up a new style that both sides are happy with. – Jonathan Davis




This Poast Just Keeps Churning Out Retard Gems.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

With over 361 Comments and counting .. My DMX Post from two years ago keeps delivering a pure stream of American retard right down my weathered brain stem. I mean, not only do we have teens debating their “best rappers alive” lists without any possibility for a resolution, but the post itself doesn’t even reference the best rappers alive! The poast, well, it’s about mother fucking DMX. DMX. Not who’s the best rapper.. fucking DMX.

So every time I log in to JTTS, I have to approve another 5 comments from retards referencing retarded shit and lists like it matter:

For instance — Could this be the gayest joke / comment ever typed on JTTS:

There are some amazing rappers but only one man will rise above the others.Hitler, Justin? Bieber & Eminem went to hell.
They met the Devil sitting on his throne, He asks them why they’re in hell.
Hitler: I killed 20 million poeple? & caused a holocaust? on the Jewish population.
Devil:? Good, good. Sit to my right.
Bieber: I poisned the? world of? music with my little faggy voice that irritates every normal person in the world.
Devil: You’re such a? asshole. Well done, sit to my left. *Looks? at? Eminem*
And why are you here?
Eminem:? Get off my throne bitch

How about this one:

“k guys im new to rap and never have listened to tupac or biggie but im gonna put them # 1 anyway out of respect but my 1 question is how could so many of you leave t.i. out of your top 10 heres what i think it should be please feel free to say what u want #1. the notorious big #2 tupac #3 t.i. #4. jay z (i dnt like him but he was once the best) #.5 eminem #6. nas #7. ll cool j ( one of the very first rappers) #8 snoop dog ( has been rapping strong for about 20 years thats hard) #9 dr.dre mainly for producing #10. dmx ( sorry should be higher but never listened to them sorta new to rap”

or this..

U guys r fucking retard eminem should be first in every list cause he dose not rap about getting puss and smoking weed like lil wayne he raps about his life what he went through #1 free styler he will roch ur shit nigga rember eminem going down in history for being the first white nigga and being the best rapper to ever rap.

Ruben Studdard – Sorry 2004 (Chopped/Screwed by Friendzone) [Audio]

Monday, November 28th, 2011

If one post on the day wasn’t good enough, peep this infamous Ruben Studdard ballad, chopped and screwed by Friendzone. Friendzone is also responsible for “Chuch” and “Perfect Skies” on Main Attrakionz’ 808’s & Dark Grapes II mixtape.

Yes, I’m going to post this on every blog ever.

Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt [Video]

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Where is everyone? RIP? Damn. To keep some of you entertained, here’s an ASAP Rocky-directed Danny Brown video. Drug-induced.

The Weeknd – The Knowing [Video]

Thursday, November 24th, 2011


The Weeknd – The Knowing (Official Video) from xoxxxoooxo on Vimeo.

GZA to SPEAK @ Harvard

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Wu-Tang founding member GZA/The Genius is taking his lyrical prowess to another audience: Harvard. Instead of performing on the college campus, GZA will be educating students for the first time. On December 1, GZA (born Gary Grice) will present a lecture to Harvard’s Black Men’s Forum as well as hold a Q and A session. GZA will discuss his career and his songwriting techniques. The lecture will be open to the public.

The GZA’s educational tour doesn’t stop there. He plans to speak with scientists and other academics at the Broad Institute and the MIT Media Lab. He wants to use their knowledge to help him write his next solo album, which will be released in 2012.

Read more:









Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011



Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Great joint…..and yet another reason to tell you “digital cocksmacks” that the Beatles are better than Zepplin. P.S. theres a whole album of this shit.

New Blacastan Remix

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Ahh it’s fucking Thanksgiving, heading home to East Hartford to smoke crack with the critters and eat Turkey and shit.

Reminds me, Blacastan is from my town.. I got a text from him today, but it wasn’t inviting me over to his house for cranberry sauce and stuffing, it was to let me know that Audible Doctor remixed one of the classic cuts offa Blac Sabbath.

I guess it’s making the rounds on 2DopeBoyz and what not. Shouts to East Hartford. Shouts to Blacastan.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

DOWNLOAD: Audible Doctor x Blacastan – Blac Magic (Remix)

Get Zooted In The Nude (Discreetly) w/ The Funky Uncle Ricky Powell

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Happy Birthday to the great Ricky Powell!

The Rickster celebrated his 5 decade long journey of life experience by rocking a slideshow at Il Bagatto in NYC this past weekend. Peep the recap via Frank 151:

The party was everything you’d expect for an ode to the man who conceived, developed and maintained the “bummy sophisticate” lifestyle with supermodels mixing with living legends over endless red wine and Heineken and a specially prepared vegetarian feast from Beatrice Tosti di Valminuta. As the special red velvet birthday cake kicked in, Ricky treated guests like Alek Wek, Ashley Smith, Kimmy Matulova, Stretch Armstrong, Bobbito Garcia, Edan Portnoy, Brandee Brown, Mel D. Cole, Aviva Klein, Noah Ritter, DJ Jasmine Solano, Jason Goldwatch, Kaves, 13th Witness, and Jose Parla to a one of a kind rendition of his slideshow that showcased not only his humor and deep involvement in everything from hip hop to art to sports culture but also displayed the photographer’s heart – his tribute to Jam Master Jay delivered directly to Jay’s son TJ Mizell nearly brought the house down.

Ricky also dropped a new mix with the dudes from Good Life. No, not the legendary Boston venue where we throw our Boston Music Award winning Fresh Produce party (BMA has gone to my head), but with a collective of creative types from NYC. The new mix has been in constant play in the Rubicon for the last few hours. Feelin’ the fuck out of this. Anything Ricky does is fresh. Shouts to the legend and friend of JTTS.. Rickstahhhh!

TheGoodLife! presents by DJ SMOKE L.E.S.