Rock the Bells Boston Preview: NAS NAS NAS NAS!!!

Trees and Marty hate when I post my Boston Phoenix shit here on JTTS…

But last time I checked they ain’t had no exclusive Nas interviews…

So fuck those dudes. Hate me now fuckers.

And don’t forget – for some reason or another, Rock the Bells Boston has been moved to 9/24.

Fuck Tom Brokaw, because my generation was the greatest. We spelunked through moldy crates to trace samples to their roots; we respected the architects; we supported Eric B. for president. Our treasured artists reminded us to pay homage, from Biggie propping Lovebug Starsky, to Nas swimming down “Memory Lane.” So now that our heroes are two decades deep in the game, inhabiting unmapped terrain as the second wave of rap elders, it’s only right that they’re shown the same appreciation…

“[Rock the Bells] brings me back to the place where it all started,” says Nas, who has headlined the tour for four straight years, and now owns a piece of Guerilla Union, the promotion company behind it. “It brings me back to a lifestyle, a way of thinking, and a way of MCing that can seem strange now, because — unfortunately — there’s a part of that that’s missing in today’s game. Things change, and I respect that, but there’s a part that’s gone.”


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  1. wite Says:

    saw him out here in NY

    i was talking about it on the internet b4 if u wanna read about it

  2. Speak Says:

    I know illmatic was everyones shit. I get it , classic with pete rock on production and an unknown at the time AZ stealing the shine on occasion from one of the biggest dudes to come out at the time. But for real when the fuck is dudes going to start appreciating It was written as his best release??? All i hear is illmatic illmatic illmatic. Front to back it was written is Nas’ real prime

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:

    I agree with Speak.

  4. Chris Faraone Says:

    I agree with Speak and Trees as well. So much I got it written on my arm.

  5. mr.murph Says:

    it was… was dope but he shoulda had less production from wack ass trackmasters

  6. tommee Says:

    Illmatic was a better album… I like how everyone feels the need to be different – so much so that they write it on their arm.

    Large Professor should have been what Kanye is today – he got a real raw deal… His involvement bringing Illmatic together is what makes it the better album by a longshot…

  7. wite Says:

    illmatic changed the game like how 36 chambers changed the game & thats why ppl hold it such high regard.

    i always said that biggie was as good as he was because he nvr had a chance to falloff. imagine if nas died after IWW and the only material he had was illmatic, IWW, and a few unreleased firm tracks and bootleg I AM tracks that nvr actually made the album. all those deja vu and demo type tracks, live at the BBQ, randox flex & clue freestyles, etc…catalog wouldve been unreal. now idk if im saying that nas is better than biggie but i gues maybe i could be but either way its just some thoughts for the mind.

    wat are ur top 5 songs on IWW?

    no order: the message, take it in blood, blk girl lost, shootouts, live nga rap?

    so many good songs. bolth cla$$ics.

  8. wite Says:

    remember wen cds and tapes would have different songs?

    the IWW tape had silent murder & the CD had suspect, war report had the different versions of closer…idk there was a bunch. used to ride my bike to shit like that in the walkman word up. right around this time of year too.

    getting nostalgic on your asses. IWW in the autumn rite up ur buttholes

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  10. Speak Says:

    At Whit:

    My top 5 IWW : The Message , I gave You Power , Affirmative Action , Watch Them Niggas , Shootouts. Classic One Liners Birthed From This Disc, The Always Quotable “I Got No Games Its Just Some Bitches Understand My Story” “If I Ruled The World” Goes On And On

  11. wite Says:

    ur soundclick page is horrible

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