basic bitchez wear dem clothez.. so i don’t even botharrrrrr

n00dz of kreayshawn leaked.

she claims she was underage so i ain’t trying to go on no sex offender list.

they also hacked her twitter and now her account is suspended.

the internet is savage beast kids.

google that shit.

3 Responses to “basic bitchez wear dem clothez.. so i don’t even botharrrrrr”

  1. el caballero Says:

    This has Officer Ricky’s sausage fingerprints all over it. One day after their respective camps get in a PG-rated standoff on the VMA red carpet. She and Rawse will get all the attention but this should really be recognized as the greatest moments in these two weed carriers’ lives.

  2. wite Says:

    props on the poast title here treez…well played

  3. angry al Says:

    this is bad i clicked the google link and now i can’t erase it on my girlfriends computer.

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