Riding in on the wings of Persius, The Yukonn MC (as he is known) came to be a great photographer and white boy rapper. Making many moves but not enuff to get a real job as a blogger or rapper or grapher of photos or manager of the Newbury Comics warehouse, he has now decided to donate time from life to write his likes and dislikes on various subjects for the Turn Styles Jumping blog masters.

He is exquisite, handsome and is from “in and around the Boston area”….mainly Cambridge. He hopes to get you to agree or strongly disagree with his views in the future, that way you think instead of being dumb by listening to bad rap thats not good bad rap.

Let’s give this new #blgrfgt a warm JTTS welcome.

5 Responses to “ENTER: THE YUKONN MC”

  1. Sleezy Trees Says:

    another red pubed failure to add to the mix. welcome Yuke.

  2. tommee Says:

    wow, I used to read this blog…

  3. wite Says:

    my beard is strawberry blonde r3a1 tawlk

  4. Sleezy Trees Says:

    tommee .. when you coming on mang?

  5. jarzilla Says:


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