Big Sean Sucks

Seriously could you–JKFgt, anyone else–explain to me why this guy is popular? How can Odd Future and this guy be popular at the same time? Wasn’t he supposed to be crushed by Tyler and all his goblins? I know I’m supposed to be the rap critic guy but I don’t get it. I’m not curious as to his mediocre talent–he sing-raps about cell phones and jeans, and likes to rhyme shit like “ask,” “last,” “ass” and “glass”–but why is his album getting all these good reviews? Can you help me understand this?

The Big Ghost Chronicles helped break down the science for me:

I buy a lot a music son so it aint unusual for Tone to end up coppin shit n then givin it away or throwin it out the window while Im drivin n shit namsayin. I try to give niggas a chance. I even held this niggas cd in my hand n looked at it like I dont kno…. should I drop 8 bucks on this shit n give son a clean slate? I ended up puttin it down n coppin the Curren$y joint after I came back to my senses n shit tho. But I ended up hearin it anyway namsayin. To be honest wit yalls…I was kinda  feelin most those beats. But I cant get past this niggas rhymin yo. What really had me shakin my head n questionin the niggas sanity was son had the nerve to call those bars he spit on the BET awards wit them other g.o.o.d. music niggas the “verse of the year”. Like forreal forreal….this nigga is outta his fuckin mind son. Nigga said in plain english “tell me that wasnt verse of the year” on his So Much More joint.  That shit wasnt even the verse of that cipher son….nevermind year! Its possible that the only nigga that didnt spit nicer bars was Kanye. But I think that nigga Ye actually went off the head wit summa that shit. To make shit even worse tho the nigga Kanye recently said “What Beyonce is to R&B…Big Sean can be to rap.” That is a quote son. In reality this nigga aint got a original bone in his body so he aint gon ever be the Beyonce of rap….but how his own boss comparin him to broads yo? Yeah yeah I kno niggas heard sons supa dupa shit n ran wit it…………………. baton. But other niggas was doin that shit when Medium Sean was still a fetus anyways yo. Go ask Sean Price. Either way tho….it aint like I hate this nigga. But he need to stop the diva shit n all the talk bout wantin to be famous n jus make some decent music or some shit nahmean.

8 Responses to “Big Sean Sucks”

  1. ESTE Says:

    i think freddie gibbs summed big sean and wale up the best.

  2. mr.murph Says:

    the worst is mac miller

  3. ESTE Says:

    i think wiz writes mac miller’s shit… which makes it REALLY bad

  4. ESTE Says:

    i think wiz writes mac miller’s shit… which makes it REALLY bad

  5. factsoner Says:

    I think Mac Miller is cooler than all of you.

  6. millyvanilly85 Says:

    Who is big sean?

  7. millyvanilly85 Says:

    There is still BET Awards?

  8. DisOrder Says:

    Big Sean has no talent. More mumble rap and sloppy rhymes.

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