Action Bronson – Brunch (Video)

@actionbronson can do no wrong.

some thoughts after watching this video:

1) i need a pair of those sunglasses he is wearing on the boat scene.
2) is it gay for me to envy another man’s sunglasses? answer: maybe.
3) i would never bury a body in a lake or pond.. seems like the easiest way to get caught. the only way to properly bury a body is to bury it at sea.. i.e. bin laden’s fake burial.
4) i can relate to this video due to the fact i’ve stared in the mirror crying many times.
5) am i pretty much the only blogger left on JTTS? where is everyone?

no one else is bloggin

3 Responses to “Action Bronson – Brunch (Video)”

  1. Thor Says:

    JTTS has definitly fallen off in the past few weeks. It’s like Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out For Summer” is playing on this blog.

  2. wite Says:

    trees how badly does faraonie wish he was from boston?

    the fuck is wrong with that guy?

  3. greg Says:

    So any word on the sunglasses?

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