My Trip 2 The Illuminati Base @ the Denver International Airport.

If you’ve ever flown into Denver International Airport — you have been to the American headquarters of the illuminati / free masons.

I went this past weekend and it was fun.

Here I am with UGHH’s A-Ronious. We are taking pictures of the illuminati mural.

here is another mural / super soldier kiling shit and sucking a rainbow up his skirt.

close up of paintings of dead kids. perfectly normal permanent airport art.

another mural of aryan race child smashing a sword while the children of the one world goverment carry flags of enemy swords.

makes sense to have endangered species protected in glass cubes with children scared and the planet burning…

dead child in coffin. perfectly normal airport shit that most airports display reguarly.

they have a giant blue horse with glowing red eyes guarding the entrance to the airport. this shit fell on the dude who created it and killed him.

they also have hella illuminati / free mason symbols and shit on the inside.

new world airport commission sounds real.

and sure.. let’s build a giant 30 ft tall statue of Anubis, the egyptian god of death at the airport. Fuck it.

23 Responses to “My Trip 2 The Illuminati Base @ the Denver International Airport.”

  1. mr.murph Says:

    those illuminati fuckers love their symbolism

  2. angry al Says:

    balance of power

  3. Thor Says:

    I want to know what’s in that time capsule to be opened in 2094. Probably the Illuminati doctrine/Constitution for the one world government.

  4. Thor Says:

    The murals reminded of the propaganda ones you see in Communist Russia, North Korea, and other types of dictator controlled countries.

  5. mr.murph Says:

    @ thor America is also now a fascist dictatorship

  6. wite Says:

    anubis is not the god of death…osiris is

    where are the pics of the underground bunker? that aint hiphop

  7. astrosspace Says:

    Anubis & Osiris are considered Lords of the Underworld. But being a lord of the underworld isn’t exactly the god of death, but more the judge of the afterlife, and god of resurrection. The Egyptians had a very different take on death and coming back from the dead than we conventionally do. The Egyptians looked at afterlife and coming back from the dead as a spiritual experience at a second chance at life instead of an invasion of zombies.

    yet alot is to be said with all those paintings wtf.

  8. millyvanilly Says:

    Why does everyone seem to care about “illuminati” now? “It was here before you were it wil be here in the future” Also why is it only people who listen to hip hop/Rap is its fan base that retarded?

  9. wite Says:

    airport walls looking like megadeath album covers

  10. CF1 Says:

    Amazing poast!

  11. a_ronious Says:

    even if the Illuminati does not exist in the title “Illuminati” there is obviously some kind of entity thats been fucking with our world from behind the scenes for some time – blatantly in your face in Denver obviously. milly vanilly – yeah it is corny, say, how a bunch of certain wack clothing companies who know nothing about the topic have co-opted the topic for hipster clothing, and certain wack rappers who spit pseudo verses about the topic w/o knowing shit about it – however, plenty of us heads have been studying this shit for years, and it is in fact “retarted” to be like yourself – happy in your ignorance of a pertinant topic that actually is more important than anything else as it has shaped our world since time immemorial, and could be reversed if people like yourself busted out of the thought mind prison that you yourself were imprisoned in by the ‘illuminati’ or whatever you want to call them. the fact is there is more of us than there is of them, and if people could look at these topics with an open, inquisitive mind we could actually make some progress at fighting the synarchic, globalization agenda and all the other fun stuff the reptilians & bloodline families have in store for us. HUMAN RACE GET OFF YOUR KNEES THE LION SLEEPS NO MORE

  12. Thor Says:

    Yes I do know that America has become a fascist country, but with corporations pulling the strings of what has become a corrupt puppet government. While the imagery in these murals is a bit unnerving, what I really found creepy was the depiction of the plants and flowers. They are colorful and sinister at the same time. Makes me want to avoid layovers in Denver now.

  13. The Lion Says:

    Someone call me?

  14. millyvanilly Says:

    thanks for your opinion they will be there to get you soon.

  15. Irie L Says:

    That horse pic is dope! But they shoulda given the statue a bigger dick. Erect horse penis is even scarier than glowing red eyes and I bet having that in the airport entrance would decrease the amount of bombs people try to smuggle onto planes through Denver.

  16. a_ronious Says:

    lol but nah my truth vibrations will help me be impervious to their attacks but you’re totally fuct milly enjoy the microchip brah

  17. Pit Says:

    I wonder about that the freemasons aren’t getting bored themselves (to death) by their cheesy and lame, always-the-same, pretentious symbolism and symbolistic “art”-works.

    Those “art”-works have style on the level of cheap neon-light-madonnas made of plastic made in china for 1,50 $.

    Taste would be something different.

    That much about “elitist culture” and “elitist taste education”.

  18. Gen. Grant Says:

    Gonna come a time when we need to shut off the boob tube grab our guns and take back what is suppose to be a free civilization , just hope we can come together in a way that our forefathers did so long ago, but i doubt it because of the will of the ppl arent that strong and they wont risk giving up the cushy life they now have even if thier free rights are slowly being taken away and the future is drifting into oblivion before thier very eyes they just refuse to see it and too lazy to do anything about it.(Pink Floyds “The Wall”) says alot if ya put it together with this stuff in the denver airport its gotta make ya open your eyes and say wtf…….

  19. Dylan Says:

    “Illuminati, Illuminati? Of course they exist. I’m friends with quite a few of them, and I live down the street from a Freemason as well. Why are you asking me this question like you’re so concerned? Wait, what? Excuse me? People believe that a group of satanic worshipers and buisnessmen run a shadow government? When did this come into society? And they believe that the illuminati plans to eradicate the men by lethal injection, rape the women, and beat the children all so they can establish a what…A new world order? You mean a one world government? You’ve got to be kidding me! People actually believe that? No, the illuminati is a society, yes a secret one that requires an innitiation for entrace, and completle lack of any verbal exposure. Yes they do worship Satan, and they do have a pure bloodline, and they have ever since their refounding in 1885, after their collapse, capture, and execution under King George IV in 1780 after Adam Weishaupt fled to Gotha to exscape death. The history is right there, why did society reinvent them like this? Who came up with such an unrealistic, fictional, and barbaric idea? And the people who believe this keep telling us to wake up, please, THEY need to wake up because apparently they’re having some pretty delusional nightmares” -Jonathan Mersonna

    (Jonathan Mersonna is a social philosopher and observationalist, and truly one of the smartest men to walk this Earth. He is a former senator, musician, and open member of the New Illuminati Organization, still alive at age 44 after saying this in an interview at age 37.)

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  21. Boodiba Says:

    Holy shit! I’m going to post a link to this page on my blog.

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  23. Nim Says:

    The Denver airport isn’t all freaky like you made it seem. They paintings are just paintings. The represent how the world was and how it can be. It shows change. Sure it could look kinda scary but it all has a deeper meaning than you think. Also with the freakin horse, its eyes aren’t red, they’re orange. You know, Bronco colors?? Damn, people get all freaked out with stuff that they don’t understand or know anything about.

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