F**k Miami

Uncle Luke ain’t gonna be the Mayor

This fucking guy is about to go to the Finals

…which means more of this fucking guy.


Let’s ask Officer Ricky what he thinks

fuck you miami

4 Responses to “F**k Miami”

  1. Thor Says:

    I live in Miami and think that Uncle Luke could do no worse at being mayor than most of the other local politicians who run for office only to line their own pockets. In the last 8 years over 450 of local south Florida elected officials have been arrested for corruption, including the Broward County police commissioner for hiding funds and tax evasion. So I say give Uncle Luke a chance, anyone who wrote “Nursery Rhymes” and “POP That Pussy” has to know what’s up.

  2. mr.murph Says:

    it’s the same here in rhode island too. the mayor of providence just did fed time. So did one of our governors too. the city is going bankrupt. Everyday you pick up the newspaper you see some other public official is stealing.

  3. G2 Says:

    Go back to Cleveland or Mid-town or wherever you come from El Caballero.

  4. Thor Says:

    I think the only reason people even run for office these days is to take what they comfort themselves and fuck everyone else. Our country is so bankrupted by overspending and misappropriation of funds that the only way to make any money is to get it from big interest groups and lobbyists. I love hearing that we have to lay off 1400 teachers in my county (Broward) because we can’t afford to pay them, but keep the superintendents who make 6 figures and don’t teach any classes. Or the fact that we cut art programs to save 2-3 million dollars but give Shell subsidies of 8 billion even though they earned 20 billion in profits.

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