YES! BLOGGAR #3: OverUnder Album Preview

This is the third in our week long series of guest blogs from users/fans/haters of JTTS.. We put up what you send. We clearly don’t edit for spelling or grammar. Make it good. email: your blogs and we will make it happen. Now …When JKFGT heard we were going to be posting user-generated material, he messaged me sounding more shook than usual. Perhaps he was a bit nervous that someone would emerge from the Interweb who could challenge his own blogging ability…like OverUnder. This guy sent me a competently written post, complete with pictures and everything. He picked some cool artists to preview, clearly knows the JTTS style book (good use of “fwd”) and even acknowledges that he knows we are “only trying to make fun of people.” Everyone but you, sir. Might have to hit dude with a contract.

hey yall really cool to be doing this blog feature. please post this up ok? trying to cut my teeth a hip-hop writer but i know what ur trying to do here on the blog and that is to make fun of people. mine is kind of a serious post just about 4 records i’m hype for and i’ve attached the images for it. if you do not want to post it please let me know ok? thx.


Random Axe= “Word Scramble”
There’s no denying this recipe here. Sean Price’s bare-knuckle bravado and filterless punchlines make for entertainment no matter if he is rapping over fake neptunes beats or classic boom-bap. Here he’s slated to get that Midwest crunch and grit from Detroit beatsmith Black Milk who seems to be able to do no wrong behind the boards. Not sure how much Black Milk will be flowing on this album, but if he keeps the lo-fi hard drum formula on the beats, I’ll be happy. Sean Price’s humor and the everyman axe-swinging of Guilty Simpson makes this gutter NY meets gutter Detroit. Too bad the Pistons suck now. I’d by the vinyl if they make it. Duck Down, yall hear me?

Action Bronson x Mayhem Lauren= “The Outdoorsmen”
Where have these emcees been hiding? They don’t look like they are Odd Future age, but they are just getting heard now. This duo here might be the toughest hitting tag team of mcs since Redman and Method Man. Straight New York talk over grimy productions make these two mic samurais favorites to bring back the East Coast. The production no matter who they use is always gritty and Wu influenced so trust me when I say, real Hip-Hop is alive in well in the borough of Queens. I downloaded “Dr. Lecter” off Itunes and “Bon Appetit” and these are just appetizers of what’s to come with these two and one of NY’s hardest triple threats J-Love. People say Action Bronson sounds like Ghostface but just tell me, what is wrong with that? Mayhem Lauren is obviously a successor to Thirston Howl III’s Lo-Life throne, but he is far more rough and rugged on the mic, no joking with ML.

Inspectah Deck x Esoteric= “Diehards”
Before the world went collabo-crazy, one of the earliest collaborations between a multi-platinum artist and an underground emcee was Speaking Real Words from 7l & Esoteric and it featured Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck. This was 2000 I think, I found it on a DJ Spinna compilation and then eventually tracked down the entire 7l & Esoteric catalogue right up to “1212” where Deck and Eso just destroy a song from top to bottom. Beats on Diehards are supposed to be supplied by DJ Premier & 7L and this is exactly what we want to hear Inspectah Deck on (that gritty raw sh!t). Eso is very hit or miss as a beatmaker so I hope he’s not contributing production but as emcees these 2 are easily two of my favorites emcees over the past decade-plus.

Statik Selektah= “Population Control”
Rumored to be a concept album featuring only young mc’s (no bust a move), this is backed by hip-hop powerhouse Duck Down and should usher in today’s up and coming rappers into the spotlight once held by the 30+ set. Statik’s progression from DJ to producer has been a steamroller of hard to the core hip-hop and some radio friendly but still street certified bangers. His consistent production on such a string of releases like “Statik-Free” with Freeway and 1982 with partner in rhyme Termanology is stellar and with a big label like Duck Down backing him up this go-round, we’re in for another classic. I predict Big KRIT and Mac Miller to be all over this release.

– OverUnder

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  1. Sleezy Trees Says:

    Wasn’t bad for a first post.


    As always with blogging, it’s good to keep shit short and to the point. no one has time to read a shit load of text..

    (look at me talking like a fucking expert).

  2. bbb Says:

    you can’t fool us faroney i mean ‘over/under’

  3. floss hoof Says:

    Someone tell that fat white kid in the last pic , he’s about one hoody size away from the mother fucking Michllin man….

    his shades suck ass too

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