Goths @ The Mall

They gotta go to Hot Topic at some point amirite?

chillin’, sippin’ cola. bout to be scarfin’ on some lizzunch

i am lonely-goth. saddest goth of them all.

7 Responses to “Goths @ The Mall”

  1. Enig Mue Says:

    I would chalk this up to ComicCon and Anime(Con?) happening this week/end

  2. milly vanilly Says:

    black goth chick awesome.

  3. ESTE Says:

    what do goth’s listen to these days? sage?

  4. Marty McFly Says:

    lonely goth is undoubtedly plotting his revenge on the world/food court

  5. Thor Says:

    Nothing says fuck you society, you don’t understand the darkness in my heart, like painting your face and sitting in a food court or playing some Dance Dance Revolution. I’m surprised to see that Goths still exist, because all the kids I see are sagging skinny jeans with Bieber haircuts.

  6. wite Says:

    one of these days im gonna paint my face like the crow and show up at the good life rolling face and spill beer all over myself while doing the cabbage path with the crowd chanting “go wiiiite, go wiiiite, go wiiiite” then ill rip my shirt off and ring-out the beer i spilled into my mouth and transition into a shirtless worm where ill probably kick a hot girl in the mouth with my gangley leg

  7. Thor Says:

    Is goth culture re-emerging because Faraone started posting about Heavy Metal?

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