Series goes 1-1 tonight.

10 Responses to “GO NY GO”

  1. mr.murph Says:

    john starks and oak-dog woulda smacked the shit out that fake ass rapper

  2. wite Says:

    boston didnt win game one as much as the knicks just gave it away in the 4th quater, like they usually do

  3. Sleezy Trees Says:

    exactly. boston played like shit.

    knicks played their best and still lost.

    not much hope for NY. Sorry Martin

  4. Martín Caballero Says:

    ray allen never hits that three if there wasn’t a nonexistent offensive foul on melo right before

  5. FREE DOWNLOAD: Lyrical Comes Off The Bench For Boston’s First 2011 Celtics Anthem - On The Download Says:

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  6. wite Says:

    wat part of the knicks giving away the game in the 4th = [them playing] their best?

    they played horribly in the 4th quarter

    if they dont hand the game over in the 4th like they did its a different story

    knicks up 1 at the half with no stat or billups


  7. wite Says:


  8. Michael Carbajal Says:

    Bong bong. 2-0.

  9. mr.murph Says:

    im gonna give my man rondo some props when i see him at my barbershop in pawtucket this week cuz we cool like that


    I think it was Lyrical’s song that pushed the Celtic’s to victory!!!

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