the Moast Unofficial Vanessa Hudgens Fansite In The Internets

wait a minute isn’t this a Vanessa Hudgens fan club website? What’s with all this stuff that is not pictures of Vanessa Hudgens?

~ Icevay from Orwaynay

yes, this is a Hudgens fansite you jackass. Go back to Norway with that question my mission and goals type shit. I was just about to post about my wifey today when I walked into CVS with my girl (to buy some Day Quil, Gummy Worms, a Nantucket Nectars Lemonade, and to borrow $10 from her for lizzunch) and saw this shit on the racks…

fucking holy hell-christ.

dem abs.

i looked over at my girl and looked back at this magazine cover like 4 times thinking of ways to get her to buy it so I can look at it.. there was no way to do it without hurting her feelings.

basically I’m buying it on my lunch break @ 7-11 with the money I borrowed from her for lunch.


3 Responses to “the Moast Unofficial Vanessa Hudgens Fansite In The Internets”

  1. Icevay from Orwaynay Says:

    i appreciate the effort but has you smoked. Step your hudge game up please.

  2. Sleezy Trees Says:

    ^ you win.

  3. Thor Says:

    Any time I see Vanessa Hudgens on a magazine cover or an interview, all I see is her naked in those text pictures. All I can think is that Drake Bell is one lucky motherfucker to hit that when she was 17 and tight.

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